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    8 Indications That You May Be Psychic

    There are many possible ways to tell that you are psychic. The older you get, the more confident of your abilities you are likely to become. However, you also might be aware of your gift at a very young age. Let’s examine the more obvious ways that you can tell that you have psychic talents. Read about the 8 ways that you may be psychic.

    You See or Feel Spirits as a Child

    Those who have psychic sensitivity are in touch with the ethereal plane. That means that from your early childhood, you will likely see or feel the presence of spirits. Those who have departed will sometimes make themselves known to you. Hopefully, they will not frighten you, and they will have no ill intent toward you.

    You Have a Spiritual Awakening that Kindles Your Gift

    Some individuals might have a spiritual awakening that allows them to experience psychic phenomena from that point onward. You might come close to death if you have some disease or you are in an accident. You may feel an angelic presence that tells you that it is not your time to die. From that day forward, you may be psychically sensitive.

    You Might Feel the Presence of Energy

    Those who are psychic often feel a lot of latent energy when they are near cemeteries or old buildings. Some psychics describe it as a tingling feeling similar to a mild electrical current going through their bodies. You also might have such a feeling when you pick up the possessions of someone who has died.

    You May Have Particularly Vivid Dreams

    If you have the ability to be psychic, you may have dreams where individuals who have passed over appear to you. They could be relatives or people that you don’t know. They will often have messages for you or that they want you to convey to others. You also might have dreams of events that are going to take place, and then they do.

    You Have Psychic Relations

    Having psychic gifts is something that tends to run in families. Because of that, if there is someone in your family who you know is psychically sensitive, or several people, the chances that you will be psychic are higher. Sometimes the gift skips a generation, however.

    You Have a Tough Time with Crowds

    Those who are psychic don’t usually like being around crowds very much. That many people together at the same time emits a lot of energy, and it might make you feel uncomfortable.

    You might also sometimes have feelings of anxiety when you are around certain people. You might have a sense that someone isn’t a good person or that they are disingenuous when they say something. If you do have such instincts, then you should trust them. Your ability to see through people and into their inner selves is one of your strengths.

    You Feel Compelled to Do Certain Things

    You also might feel very strongly that you need to be in a particular place at a specific time. That is because a critical event in your life is going to take place there, and you understand that intuitively. There may not be a logical reason that you’re aware of for you to go somewhere, but if you have the urge, you should follow it.

    You Have an Abiding Connection to Animals

    Animals seem to sense when someone has psychic gifts, so they may gravitate toward you. You will probably sense what an animal is thinking and feeling. They will go to you for protection if something frightens them or they are in need of comfort. You might even feel more at ease around animals than people.

    Being psychic is something extraordinary, but it can be overwhelming or intimidating at times too. If you do feel that your gifts are beginning to develop in these ways, then you should try to find someone else who is psychic who can give you some advice. You will also want to surround yourself with individuals who don’t mind your talent. Stay away from people who don’t understand what you’re going through or don’t believe that it is genuine.

    The longer you live, the more your gifts might develop, or they might dwindle as you age. Everyone’s experience in this area is different. Don’t expect your talents to completely mirror those of anyone else. 

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