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    All About Saturn In Retrograde

    Saturn goes into retrograde inside Capricorn on April 28th, which may have you wondering—what’s the deal with Saturn anyway?

    Saturn rules Capricorn, so it comes as no surprise that she’s associated with boundaries, responsibility, and self-control. Saturn’s lessons can be harsh and force us to go through undesirable experiences, but they are essential to your personal growth.

    Saturn’s cycle takes 28-30 years to complete a full cycle, in which it passes through all 12 astrological sectors, so most people only experience Saturn in 2 or 3 signs. During your 28th, 29th, or 30th year of life, Saturn will come back to the spot in the sky that it was in when you were born, causing a phenomenon called Saturn’s return. This means that in the years surrounding your 29th birthday, you may undergo dramatic transformations and reconsiderations as you prepare for the next stage in your life. This will happen again at 56–60 and 84–90 years.

    Saturn and the Houses

    Your most direct relation with Saturn will rely on where it lies in your twelve houses. Understanding your Saturn placement can help you recognize patterns of behavior during unfavorable circumstances and learn your best method for confronting the not-so-sweet side of life.

    1st House:

    If Saturn is in your first house, it associates with how you project to others. You have a harsh exterior and are prone to overthinking. If you want to avoid random bouts of anxiety, try not being so hard on yourself and letting go of trivial mistakes of the past.


    With the ruling planet of boundaries and restrictions in the house that rules money and material goods, you may be skeptical of your ability to succeed materially. You get anxious about money easily, but take pleasure in indulging every once in a while. Pursuing a career in something you love is the easiest way to ensure that you can remain optimistic and engaged in the process of monetization.


    People often see you as cold or quiet, Saturn puts restrictions on your everyday communication. You are a great listener and don’t need to be the center of attention. This can be a great quality, but don’t let it hinder your ability to form meaningful relationships. Put yourself out there every once in a while.


    The fourth house relates to familial relationships, and Saturn pushes you to put boundaries on even your most intimate and ordinary connections. This can be frustrating to your siblings and parents, as you often come off as cold, unaffectionate, and maybe even ungrateful. You don’t have to all the sudden be touchy-feely, but you may be surprised at how rewarding it is to throw your family a bone every once in a while.


    You feel best when you are being productive and have a plan. The fifth house is all about having a good time and unleashing your free spirit, but Saturn puts boundaries about that. Don’t be afraid of a little relaxation or spontaneity.


    Since the planet of responsibility rules your house of labor and health, you are a very regimented person. When it comes to your career and personal health, you put the work in. Remember that not every moment of your life requires productivity. You don’t want to get burnt out or forgotten by your friends.


    This house controls how you typically judge others and how you go about forming close, intimate relationships. Restricting Saturn makes you adverse to trusting people on an intimate level, especially after you’ve already been hurt. Don’t judge people too soon—your tendency to take relationships seriously will be an attractive quality to many.


    If Saturn is in your house of growth, transformation, and death, you are probably adverse to change. You get comfortable easily and get anxious when your comfort is disrupted even in the slightest. But life is a constant wheel of change, and sometimes you’ll just need to let go of the past.


    You are known as a pragmatic person, as grounded Saturn is in your house of philosophy and rationalization. Sometimes you get so set in your ideals, however, that you come off as close-minded and stubborn. Open your gates to new theories and processes.


    If Saturn is in your tenth house, you are likely a control freak, holding a tight grip on the things you really care about. It’s important to let go occasionally and recognize that other people are not only competent, but they may also actually have strengths where your weaknesses lie.


    The eleventh house dictates community and large-scale socialization. Saturn here indicates that you prefer one on one relationships. Boundaries are important to you, especially when you haven’t completely opened up to someone.


    You often feel existential dread, guilt, and anxiety because of Saturn’s placement in your house of the subconscious. You like to have direct correlations with why you’re feeling a certain way. Therefore, you can draw a line around your negative emotions. Learn that sometimes you feel sad for no reason but that’s just how you feel. It’s also important to actively sit with those emotions.

    2019’s Retrograde

    Saturn goes into retrograde on April 29th this year and stays there until September 18th. The retrograde happens inside Capricorn. It will ensure that you are being ambitious, but only through calculated and methodical efforts.

    As you move through the world under Saturn’s retrograde, remember that the struggles you go through will be temporary but the lessons you learn can carry you through your whole life. Many people can’t stand Saturn energy, especially when it’s in retrograde, because it forces you to be disciplined and tests your strength. But it won’t push you past anything you can’t handle. This summer, see adversity as an opportunity.

    You are likely to see lots of transformation throughout the retrograde—negative and positive. If there’s one thing Saturn will not reward, its self-pity. It doesn’t believe that events arbitrarily happen to you—every moment of adversity is for a reason. No matter how much the world beats you down, the best thing to do is focus on the things that you can control. Show Saturn strength by looking inside yourself, making a few internal changes, and grabbing life by the horns as best you can. It will reward you for taking responsibility for your self.

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