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    How Your Mercury Placement is Affecting Your Relationships

    Venus seems like the obvious choice when asked which planet has the most control over your love life. She is the planet of love, affection, and attraction, after all. In reality, your whole chart—not just one planet placement; will give you insight on your tendencies and needs in a committed relationship. Your Saturn placement helps you understand where you need to set boundaries. Your Mars placement affects your sex life. Additionally, it gives you a sense of the best ways to channel your negative emotions like anger and aggression. Read how mercury placement can affect your relationships depending on which zodiac sign you are.

    Mercury, an extremely earnest and intellectual planet, affects your communication skills, mindfulness, and ability to learn. Whether it’s in retrograde or not (right now, it is) your Mercury placement affects your behavioral tendencies on a day-to-day basis. Having a grasp on how your Mercury placement affects you can be beneficial. In your relationship, as it reveals a propensity to certain habits that could be affecting you and your partner’s ability to get through conflict. 

    Mercury in Aries

    This can get you into trouble with people’s emotions, particularly your partner’s. When faced with relationship conflict, resist the urge to lash out and get hot-headed. Take a minute to get calmed down and gather your thoughts before addressing the problem with your partner. That way, you won’t say something that you don’t really mean but can’t take back.

    Mercury in Taurus

    While your partner may appreciate your methodical and rational approach to communication, your all-or-nothing outlook can be frustrating in times of conflict. Opening your mind up to your partner and taking their ideas seriously will help you get past that stubbornness. Additionally, it will make your partner feel equal and appreciated.

    Mercury in Gemini

    In serious and unpleasant situations, you often want to move on quickly so that you can get back to enjoying the fun in life. Therefore, you stop communicating honestly and just say what your partner wants to hear. If you don’t learn to be engaged in arguments and listen to your partner’s needs, you’ll find yourself in a lot of stagnant and resentful relationships.

    Mercury in Cancer

    To you, communication is a way to convey your emotions, and you forget that logic and rationality should play a role, too. In times of conflict, resist the urge to get defensive or stop listening when you hear something you don’t like.

    Mercury in Leo

    You often put pride ahead of your partner’s needs. If your partner is trying to tell you something that they need from you, don’t take it as a personal attack and start a conflict. Communication includes speaking and listening. 

    Mercury in Virgo

    Communication helps us form structure around things like emotion and impulse that don’t innately have objectivity. When you and your partner communicate, try to remember that you aren’t just talking about the situation at hand, but rather how that situation makes you feel. Sometimes people use words to convey things that don’t make rational sense, but that doesn’t make them totally invalid.

    Mercury in Libra

    You can deliberate all day and night, but sometimes unpleasant things happen, and avoiding communicating about those things with your partner will only lead to distance between you. Not every conversation you have or decision you make will make the people involved happy, but you can always rely on honest, straightforward communication. 

    Mercury in Scorpio

    Your communication style is intense, and you may need to lighten up to let your partner breathe a little bit. You are super passionate about the things you care about and aren’t afraid to make that known, but your intensity can make people close to you feel burned out. Find your off switch every once in a while and enjoy the little moments with your partner. 

    Mercury in Sagittarius

    Your directness can come across as blunt and sometimes tactless. Your partner probably values your that, but it’s likely that some of the things you say can still hit like a knife in the gut. Don’t stop being honest about what you think. Just try sprinkling a little compassion in. 

    Mercury in Capricorn

    You have the intellect and command of language to be an excellent communicator, but sometimes you falter on the side of compassionate listening. You know how to get your point across, but your partner needs you to process their points, too. 

    Mercury in Aquarius

    For a partner, this can come off as you trying to challenge them. You need a relationship that provides you with a good debate or session of leapfrogging off each other’s ideas every once in a while. Just remember that your partner may not want to be “on” all the time. Sometimes relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company is more valuable than constant stimulation. 

    Mercury in Pisces

    This can be frustrating to a partner who wants to know what you’re thinking. You don’t need to unveil everything going on in that head. However, try to be a bit more forthcoming (and maybe even giving!) with your thoughts. It can provide the gift of intimacy to your partner.

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