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    Gain a Bigger Audience on Your Social Media

    Lots of people these days are using Instagram and other forms of social media for a variety of purposes. Some of them are using these avenues for business. For instance, if you grow your social media following an impressive number, then you can make a living as a social influencer. You can make money through sponsored posts. You can get free products in return for your endorsement. You might also simply build your following because you like the attention. Learn how to gain a bigger audience on your social media page.

    Whatever your intentions for your Instagram profile or other social media accounts, there are techniques you can use which should grow your following. Let’s look at some of those right now. 

    Understand How to Use Hashtag

    When it comes to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, the surest way to gain more followers is to be of the moment. That means you must grab onto whatever is current and integrate it into your timeline. 

    Using a clever hashtag is one way that you signal to your followers that you’re on top of what is trending. With Instagram, if you put out a provocative photo along with a hashtag that perfectly epitomizes it, then you’ll entice your followers. They’ll want to tell others about the picture and spread the hashtag. This, in turn, attracts more eyeballs to your account. More people following you is a natural side-effect.

    Post Regularly On All of Your Social Media Accounts

    Building a following on Instagram or another social media account is not something that happens instantaneously. You need to be persistent and not lose interest. That means you have to adhere to a strict posting schedule that you determine will most appeal to your followers.

    Posting five times a day would be excessive, but posting only once every two weeks won’t serve any purpose either. If you post once or twice a day, that is ideal for most influencers. It shows your followers that you’ve made a commitment to reaching out to them. Brand exposure won’t occur unless you keep putting out content at a steady pace.

    Follow those Who Are Similar to You

    You might be gaining followers, but who are you following? If you’re not following anyone else on Instagram or other social media platforms, then you’re missing out. If you see someone on Instagram who seems to be in the same niche as you, engage with them. If they seem to share your values and have the same interests, then you can make their followers your own.

    These sorts of collaborations are helpful for both you and whoever you see fit to follow. Make sure to post positive feedback about their pictures, videos, etc., and they should do the same for you. 

    Don’t Neglect Emojis

    Maybe you like emojis, or perhaps you don’t care for them. An emoji, if you’re not familiar, is a little picture that you can place in the text that you’re sending out. If you haven’t been using emojis yet as part of your Instagram or other social media efforts, then you should start. They were once superfluous. At this point, though, they’re as essential as the text that you use to accompany one of your pictures.

    Think of an emoji as a way of telling a story with no words required. With the right three or four emojis, you can vividly convey what you’re trying to get your followers to think and feel. They’re a fun, kooky way to connect with your target audience. 

    Try to Convey a Sense of Fun Through Your Social Media Accounts

    These are far from the only ways that you can build your Instagram following, or Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever else you use. You can utilize video. You could host photo contests. You can even ask for feedback directly from your audience about what it is that they want to see. 

    The more dedicated and creative you are in your efforts, the more chance you have of one of your posts going viral. Ultimately, that should be your goal. One viral post could be enough to multiply your followers exponentially. You’ll be sure to love that, regardless of whether you’re into social media for business or pleasure. Using all of these tactics will help you gain a bigger audience on your social media page.

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