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    Understanding Your Mars Placement

    When you were born, Mars was in one of the twelve astrological signs, and that placement says a lot about your disposition towards aggression, sex, and emotion. Mars is the hot-head of the planets, and its placement in your birth chart can help you understand yourself better when you are experiencing moments of irrationality or uncontrollable emotion as well as your more instinctual self (as opposed to your more methodical and practical self). We’ve broken down each Mars placement to help you get a general sense of what your Mars means for you. 

    Mars in Aries

    Since Mars is the ruler of Aries, it’s considered to be “domiciled” or “at home base” when it’s placed here. That means you’re likely pretty comfortable with ferocity and conflict, especially when you’re in an authoritative or controlling position. You’re assertive and intense when it comes to both work and love and have a tendency to throw caution to the wind in favor of following your instincts. 

    Mars in Taurus

    When you’re pushed outside of your comfort zone, you have a tendency to get agitated. You are assertive yet relaxed, and though you tend to only make moves only in areas of life that you feel are controllable, you are stubborn and passionate in those endeavors. You appreciate the little comforts in life. Learn more about the Taurus here.

    Mars in Gemini

    You enjoy intellectual conversations more than pleasant small talk because you love advocating for the things you believe in. Debating about these kinds of things can make you emotional and intense, and you have a tendency to allow emotion and desire to obscure practicality and the facts of reality. 

    Mars in Cancer

    You may come off as soft to people at first, but the people who know you well know how passionate and powerful you are. It is essential for a Cancer to be intensely loved and they aren’t afraid to ask the people that you’re close to for the attention you need. You have a tendency towards moodiness when you feel you are lacking in affection. 

    Mars in Leo

    You are not afraid to assert yourself to center stage and be the loudest in the room. Leo thrive in the spotlight and get agitated when you feel yourself fading into the background. You give love as loudly as you ask for it.

    Mars in Virgo

    You have incredibly good instincts because they are often based in thoughtful intention and attention to detail. You hyper-analyze every little thing in a given situation, which can lead to heightened anxiety surrounding circumstances that you have no control over. 

    Mars in Libra

    Mars and Libra have opposing ideology and outlooks, and the balanced disposition of Libra energy often cancels out Mars’s aggressive and controversial nature. You are a natural mediator and assertive in your efforts to try to keep the peace.

    Mars in Scorpio

    You’re methodical when it comes to irrational or overwhelming emotions, and are able to withstand a great deal of pain before you need to say or do something about it. Once you cross that emotional threshold, though, it’s hard to talk you off the ledge. 

    Mars in Sagittarius

    You enjoy pushing boundaries and don’t mind if that ruffles a few feathers on the way. What’s more important to you is that you are not encaged anywhere and are constantly moving forward.

    Mars in Capricorn

    Your instincts point you toward the more responsible and practical path. Also, you have probably been called “ambitious” or “career-oriented” more than a few times. You often heavily assess the worth of an emotion, action, or endeavor before indulging or engaging in it.

    Mars in Aquarius

    You are extremely assertive and enthusiastic when it comes to taking charge of the things you care about. Additionally, you can be unpredictable with your decisions. You’re not a typically angry person, but when things don’t go your way you can become erratic and volatile. 

    Mars in Pisces

    People would rarely describe you as aggressive. Your anger usually manifests itself in deep, inward emotion rather than lashing out externally. You are sensitive and empathetic, sometimes to an irrational extent, and generally, just feel more intensely than other people.

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