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Supermoon Solutions: What They Mean For You

Supermoon, la luna grande, perigee-syzgy moon — no matter what you call it, this fascinating moon phenomenon can be sized up in one, simple phrase: a really big moon. But what exactly goes into that super-sized celestial object?

Scientifically speaking, a supermoon happens when the full moon is closest to the Earth.

As the Earth and the moon make their way on their never-ending orbits around each other, the full moon will occasionally cross the Earth’s orbital path. Out of the 12-13 full moons a year, usually three or four will end up being supermoons; this generally creates a symphony of energy – and social media posts!

When it comes to super moon astrology and its energy, the moon represents feminine energy, our deepest personal needs, our subconscious, and our primal habits. Many may find that their energy levels are much higher than what they previously were. Unlike the lunar eclipse, the supermoon doesn’t just affect a few zodiac signs. Supermoons can often create major shifts in all of the signs. For those of us who are checking our star charts, we may find that our emotions are pulled out of us as the moon draws closer.

Supermoons have a huge effect on the ocean’s tides.

We all know that the tides and the oceans are connected, but what happens when the moon far exceeds its normal size? From a physical standpoint, that answer is simple enough: the tide is extra-high. But consider this: we humans are largely made up of water. That’s part of the reason why we feel such a pull of emotion – the lunar tides themselves are pushing-and-pulling our feelings. For those of us that aren’t water signs, this can be an intense feeling.

Our water sign friends may be a little bit more comfortable during the supermoon. They have more experience dealing with the intensity of the moon phases; they’ve been through the gibbous moon struggles and all the other moon cycles you can think of. And even if our fellow Aquariuses are feeling the pull of the moon, chances are they’ve developed some pretty effective coping methods – whether they realize it or not!

How does a supermoon compare to the rest of the lunar cycle?

Let’s start by defining the lunar cycle and the moon phases. The lunar cycle refers to the moon’s orbit around the earth. As the moon makes its way ‘round the globe, its face (or “phase”) seems to change to those of us on Earth. By watching the moon phases, we can get an idea of where the moon is in the cycle. There are several phases; you’re likely familiar with crescent moons, gibbous moons, waxing moons, et cetera – but do you know your moon phase?

Your moon phase is the particular phase that the moon happened to be in at the time of your birth (if you’re interested in looking yours up, there are tons of online calendars that’ll help you with that task). For example, your moon might be a full moon, in which case you might be a person who is highly impulsive, instinctual, and spiritual.

And when the big moon rolls around, those with a full-moon-phase are probably going to be the most at ease. Because they’re so in-tune with their emotions normally, being surrounded by high amounts of feminine energy probably isn’t going to be a big deal. For those of us who are, say, crescent-moon-phase-leaning, we might feel the need for security and sameness; we may not be so excited about the supermoon’s presence.

What about supermoons from the past?

One of the biggest supermoons in history was the November 2016 supermoon – and for good reason! It’s the closest to the Earth the moon has been since 1948. On that supermoon monday, some rushed to social media to declare it the “super duper full moon”. This happened with thousands pouring out into the evening streets to witness the scale of this celestial sensation.

This supermoon is specifically significant in astrology not only because of its size. As we talked about before, the supermoon brings forward an outpouring of emotion in all of the signs. But for this 2016 supermoon, the question of desire vs. security came into question for many of the star signs. Huge moons can often mean big reveals and often the question of whether or not we’re satisfied in life. Because this particular moon opposed the sun in Scorpio and took place in the sign of Taurus, desire and security were put at odds for one another. Many reported experiencing difficulty with compromise, practical choices, and taking risks. These effects were doubled for Scorpios and Tauruses. Although many other signs experienced similar struggles during the November 2016 supermoon as well.

How can I tell how the lunar calendar is going to affect my sign?

As always, keeping track of your signs is going to be key here, especially your moon phase. However, you can always look up a lunar calendar online to keep track of the phases. Especially when life gets a little too busy to be on top of the lunar movements. Generally speaking, the bigger the moon, the more intense the emotions. While that isn’t always true for certain moon phases, it’s a good rule-of-thumb to follow for anyone who’s a newbie the astrological world.

So if you’re trying to track your lunar cycles or just trying to get a little more in-touch with your feminine powers, the moon is a great thing to keep tabs on. And when the next supermoon rolls around, you’ll be able to put a pin on those intense emotions that are stirred up by the movements of the tides.

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