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The Super Moon Trend : What is the hype all about?

It almost feels as if super moons have become a trend, and people all over the world are freaking out about it. You, too, have probably spent more than a few minutes searching for the latest gossip on what’s going on, astrologically, for your own benefit and we don’t blame you. Super moons have become the newest trend in the astrological world and everyone wants to know what they’re all about. So? Let’s get down to the real gossip of what super moons actually are, how they relate to the lunar cycle, and what all of this truly means for you.

What is a super moon?

First off, what is a super moon? Scientifically, this phenomenon actually has a meaning. Super moons always appear larger, brighter, and they will feel abnormally close to you when they appear in the sky. Super moons are a beautiful sight to experience and the organic movement of the moon and our own human anatomy gets total credit for that. Additionally, super moons only actually occur when the moon is at it’s fullest and when it is in it’s closest approach to Earth throughout its orbit. It’s as if we are hitting the jackpot of phases within the lunar cycle and our happy human brains totally freak out over it! Our human anatomy is even made so we fall into an optical illusion of seeing the moon as larger than it actually may be when it’s in this phase. Kind of awesome, right?

Super moons boosted in popularity in November of 2016 when the moon showed herself strongly and flamboyantly after sixty-nine years of hiding away from the spotlight. It was as if she decided to come out and play after hibernation from her super moon lifestyle and now, social media and a continuous buzz has grown her popularity throughout the world. In fact, the moon has showed herself in her super moon phase more frequently since 2016. Some of us even believe she’s wanting a bit more attention, especially when she started to show her super self during the lunar eclipse. People everywhere are now wanting to know more about the feminine power of the moon.

What does super moons mean for us?

Super moons are always going to shake things up in our world. If a super moon is going to raise our ocean’s tide through gravitational pull, then we’re definitely going to have to be prepared for the emotional affects that are going to hit us during this cycle. After all, we are made up of 70% water, so the moon is going to hit us just like it hits the ocean. Hold on tight and get ready!

The moon plays a huge role for our emotions on many different levels and it affects how our internal world works. The feminine energy of the moon, in general, always gives us information about our energy, our emotions, and what we really need to have to feel safe and secure. It helps us understand what we want to understand, what we need to understand in our lives, and it even helps us understand our own self-awareness. So, take this description of the moon and pump it up a bit further when super moon hits because everything about the moon is going to show up hardcore.

How are you going to feel?

Emotions are going to be strong, psychic abilities are going to be powerful, and the sensitive souls of the world are going to feel the moon’s affects stronger than ever. If you’re in the midst of preparing for a super moon, get ready for an emotional upgrade. Everything energetically and emotionally in your life is going to light up like the forth of July, and truth will hit you like a storm.

It is completely normal to feel restless, tired, filled with anxiety, and feeling unresolved issues during this time. Super moons are known to be a lot more powerful, so this phenomenon is going to be noticeable. It’s common to feel the moon’s intensity, but there’s nothing to freak out over. The moon is only on your side and she really wants to assist you in your evolution! Therefore, embrace the moon and all of her gifts rather than fear her intensity when she appears. Your life will definitely benefit from her phase on this lunar calendar.

A moment of rebirth

Let this time be a spiritual cleansing for you, your emotions, your aura, and everything in your life that’s needing a bit of assistance. Super moons create moments of deaths and rebirths for all of us, in many different ways, so check out your astrology chart, pull out your essential oils, and get ready for an awesome transformation! Whatever sign the moon is in will play a significant impact on your own transformation and you’ll be ecstatic with the outcome that appears days later. Whether you’re in tune with your emotions or just in awe by the sight of her beauty, your life is going to feel an impactful change, regardless of how you feel.

Grab your notebook, write down your dreams, make your crystal grid, and dig your toes in the sand because you’re definitely going to want to pay attention to your life when a super moon comes to town. There’s a reason that super moon astrology has become a trend and it’s a trend that’s worth it for all of us.

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