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April Tarot Cards : Promising New Beginnings and Feeling Better

The month of April brings the magic of spring, cleansing showers, and all the promises of new beginnings. April tarot cards promise that April will be kinder than the previous month. It is easing any difficulties you may have faced during the Mercury Retrograde which lasted through most of March. All zodiac signs can move confidently into April knowing that the Universe has abundance in store!

For a reading for the month of April I did a three card draw from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, which is considered the standard deck. The three cards represent the past, present, and future of the situation. As I shuffled I ask the cards to tell me what April tarot cards bring for all the signs. Of course, each sign and each person will have unique experiences, but the cards showed me a general overview for everyone.

Past: Three of Swords, reversed

To represent the past, the cards presented the Three of Swords, reversed. This card depicts a heart pierced by three swords over a stormy gray background. The suit of swords generally relates to conflict, action, force, ambition, and mental state. Reversed, the Three of Swords signifies confusion, disorganization, mental alienation, and loss.

Three of Swords & Mercury Retrograde

This is the perfect card to describe how many of us felt during the Mercury Retrograde of March! Mercury is the planet of thought, speech, and communication. When Mercury is in retrograde (meaning the planet appears to be spinning backwards), miscommunications, delays, and obstacles abound. This is meant to make us reflect, analyze, and act with caution. It is not a time for new pursuits. Instead, tie up loose ends and edit the parts of our lives that need adjustment. “Re” words apply to Mercury Retrograde: rework, redo, rethink, reconsider. Mercury Retrograde forces us to slow down, pay attention to details, and fix things in our lives that need reworking. According to the reversed Three of Swords card, we all felt misunderstood, scattered, and lost in the recent past. If you felt out of whack and out of synch for the month of March, you are not alone!

Instantgo – Three of Swords

Present: The Magician, reversed

It is no coincidence that the cards representing the past and present in this reading were both reversed. Reversed cards have a different or hidden meaning than upright cards. The reversal of the past and present cards means there is something lingering from the past in our present. The Magician is a Major Arcana card. Major Arcana cards are very powerful and signify life lessons and karmic influences. The Magician reversed means that although we have perhaps explored what it is we want to do, we have not yet taken action. Maybe we are unsure how to move forward with our plans. Or perhaps we know what to do and have even begun taking action but some obstacle is holding us back.

The Magician & Mercury Retrograde

This card is encouraging in conjunction with the past in the Three of Swords reversed and the Mercury Retrograde of March. It means that we aligned with Mercury in retrograde by doing research and making plans without yet acting on them, which is exactly what Mercury in retrograde wants from us. We have done the tedious grunt work and reviewed and edited it several times, and we are about to enter a period where we can move forward and take action. The Magician card has a number of auspicious symbols, including an abundance of flowers, an upright cup, the infinity sign, and a lit candle being burned at both ends and held up in victory or as a guiding light. The Magician reversed means we have everything we need to move forward, but something is still holding us back.

Instantgo – The magician

Future: King of Pentacles

This was the only card that presented upright. It is also notable that the present and future cards both have images of a solitary human in them. We have progressed from a past card of inanimate objects, to a present card of an upside-down young man. Then to a future card of an upright, full-grown male adult sitting on his throne and surveying all that he possesses. While the past may have been fraught with difficulties that made us feel less than human. We are now moving out of a state of feeling confused and alienated and almost inhuman, to feeling like a human in a state of inaction, to an upright, confident, and successful human. The King of pentacles represents ambition, achievement, and satisfaction.

King of Pentacles & Mercury Retrograde

Although we may end March and move into April with the lingering effects of March’s Mercury retrograde. Since we did the work the universe required from us we can confidently move forward towards a great promise of success. Whatever obstacles have been holding us back will be conquered, and the projects we undertake, whether in love, career, travel, family, or spirituality, can move forward towards a positive outcome.

Whatever we have been wanting to do, whether it be starting a new job, taking a trip, or renovating our homes, April is the time to do it! April’s full pink moon in Libra on the 19th is a double full moon, since March’s full moon was also in the sign of Libra. This means that whatever we weren’t able to manifest in March, we have a second chance in April, thanks to the April tarot cards pulled out. Libra is the sign of the scales, and represents balance and beauty. The combination of the end of mercury retrograde, the pink double full moon in Libra, and the King of Pentacles all point to the successful outcome of our manifestations and aspirations in April.

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