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Everything You Want to Know About the Swords Tarot Cards

The Swords tarot cards are one of the suits of the tarot deck, along with Wands, Pentacles, and Cups. If you’re becoming interested in tarot, then you should get to know a little about this suit in case your reading focuses heavily on some of them.

Instantgo – Ace Of Swords

What Does the Suit of Swords Signify?

The Suit of Swords has to do with the mental level of consciousness, as opposed to the physical world. It is the suit having to do with the intellect and the mind. If they appear in prominent positions during a reading, it means that reading is about your beliefs, attitudes, or thoughts.

Instantgo – King of Swords

The Double-Edged Quality of this Suit

The Sword is a double-edged sword, and in this case, that means you’re striving to achieve a balance between power and intellect. If intellect governs you too much, then the idea is that you’re too impersonal and you’re not submitting enough to your feelings. If the Sword Suit appears frequently in your reading, then it could mean that you’re too aloof in vital areas of your life. Wands, representing spirit, should balance the Suit of Swords. Cups, representing feeling, should as well.  

A little bit of intellect is a good thing, but too much keeps you cut off from humanity. For instance, when Swords govern a leader then they will often lack compassion. Remember that you’re always striving to achieve balance in your life. A tarot reading will often convey when one aspect of your personality has taken control and edged out the others.

The Air Element

The element Air is the one that corresponds to the Suit of Swords. It makes sense because we cannot see air. It is intangible, yet we need it to survive. It is in constant motion, yet we are seldom aware of it. Our intellects mirror this as human beings because we are always thinking about situations and calculating what we should do next. An air current will dictate the movements of those who are in its path. So too will our intellectual decisions influence the way that those around us behave.  

The Power of the Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords in a tarot reading might have to do with courage, conflict, ambition, oppression, change, action, or power. People think of it as a male element. If we look at it negatively, we will quickly see that in some positions, Swords can indicate harsh judgment, verbal abuse, anger, or guilt.

If Swords dominate your reading, it often serves as a warning that you are operating ruthlessly in your life. There is no problem with being calculating or cerebral. When that is the overwhelming aspect of your personality, though, then it is hard for people to get close to you, or even to like you.

The Signs Associated with the Sword Suit

Most closely associated with the Suit of Swords are the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These are the signs that most people think of as being rational and always analyzing the world around them. They are not unfeeling. It is more that they will seldom act recklessly in a situation, preferring to let logic dictate the course of their lives.

They are usually good communicators, and they don’t play games. Problems can come about when an air sign becomes confrontational, rigid, or domineering.

Instantgo – Ten of Swords

The Sword Reading

If your reading is coming up all Swords, then you are probably seeking a solution to a mental struggle which has preoccupied you. Perhaps you are trying to make a decision, or you have just argued with someone. The Swords Suit is the conveyer of a strong message about what action you should take. If you approached the tarot deck with a question in your mind and you see Swords, pay special attention. The advice you are looking for should be staring you in the face.

While the Sword reading sends you a strong message, it can also be a warning that you are proceeding rashly. Too many Swords means that you are neglecting your feelings, which are an expression of your basic humanity. The sharp point of the Sword can serve as a weapon for you as you make your way in the world. It can also keep the rest of the human race at arm’s length.

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