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How to Use the Tarot to Interpret Your Dreams

If the tarot interests you, then one of the things you may want to do is use a deck to interpret your dreams. First, you must approach a reading with intention. Often when you go into a reading, you’re going to have a particular subject in mind. Thereafter, the reading will be about that part of your life. As you are drawing your cards, think about the dream or dreams for which you want clarification. Concentrate on them, and the cards will provide you with some answers.

Dreams and Symbolism

No one knows exactly what dreams are. There is much mythology having to do with dreams, and they have preoccupied many noted psychologists. Some people think that they’re meaningless, a sort of a hodgepodge of events that occurred during your day, memories from your past, and hopes for your future. Others think that some of them have prophetic significance. Still more people feel that dreams are full of symbolism. You can tie this last impression directly into a tarot reading.

A tarot deck is a dictionary of sorts, every card in it loaded with symbolism. Every card features an image, and you can interpret each of them. It, therefore, follows that you can match the symbolism from your dreams to cards in the deck. If you went into the reading with a specific dream in mind.

The Dream Spread

The easiest way for you to get an interpretation of a dream from a tarot deck is to do what is called a dream spread. First, shuffle the cards. Think about the dream, ask for guidance, and then you pick the first three cards from the deck and lay them down face up. These cards will stand for conflicts, healing, and the “why now” factor, in that order.

The Conflicts Card

The first or conflicts card is the one that represents the struggle, indecision, or problem that has led to you having the dream. The image on this card is likely to connect with something in your life that is occupying your mind a good deal at the moment. It could be a person or an event. You probably feel strongly about the subject. This card might have something to do with a new job, a friend with whom you are arguing, a relative who is in poor health, or any one of hundreds of other things.

The Healing Card

The second card you picked is the healing card. This is the card that presents a solution for resolving the problem that you have, represented by the conflicts card. The healing card is the advice you are getting from the tarot deck as to what you can do to bring balance to your life again. This card might suggest that you seek help from an internal source or an external one. As with the conflicts card, you’ll need to speak to someone who knows how to interpret the symbolism of the tarot deck. That way you can understand what the ethereal world is telling you to do.

The “Why Now” Card

The third card is the “why now” card. This is the card that explains why you should take whatever action the healing card indicates. It’s the justification for why you should act in the way the deck is urging. Your subconscious never wants you to behave in a particular way for no reason. If you wish to get some idea of your motivation, then this is the card to which you should be paying attention.

Should You Take the Advice?

This is a simplistic way of using tarot to interpret your dreams. However, you will find that the majority of the time, you’ll see a simple meaning to your dream if you use this method. Regardless of what your opinions are about dreams; most people would agree that they’re your subconscious trying to tell you something. Either that or they’re your way of working through some unresolved issue.

If you keep having the same dream, or similar ones, then your mind has become fixated on something, and you need to resolve it. The tarot can be your ally in sorting out in the waking world whatever you have latched onto in the sleeping one. Should you take whatever advice you received? That’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself.

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