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    Tarot Readings: What’s Your Style?

    If you are becoming interested in the tarot and you are starting to do readings for people. Then you might want to think about what style is most appealing. Part of that is going to be a matter of your preference. Another consideration is going to be where you’re doing the readings. You will also want to consider whether you are doing them for profit. Let’s examine these issues in turn as we pinpoint what your style should be.

    How Are You Delivering the Readings?

    The first issue is that of how you are conveying the information that the cards are giving you. For instance, you might be very blunt about what the spread means. Alternatively, if you have a reading where the cards point to a negative outcome for that person. Then you may be more delicate with how you tell them.

    It might be necessary for you to tailor your style depending on the person who you are reading. If it is someone who seems to be more anxious or delicate. Then it would be wrong of you to deliver the news without trying to appease them a little. Remember that you’re providing a message from the ethereal plane in which the person getting the reading is placing a great deal of importance. Try to be a compassionate messenger.

    Your Language Choices

    You should also try to deliver your message in plain, simple language. Trying to dress up what you are saying or making it too mystical detracts from its value. You don’t want to confuse the person as to what the cards are telling them. You’re supposed to be a conduit, so aim to make yourself easily understood.

    Where Are You Doing the Reading?

    The location and purpose of where you are doing your readings are also probably going to impact your style. If you are doing some readings for friends at a party, for instance, then you can be more casual about it. There’s probably no need for you to dress up or create too much ambiance.

    If you are running a shop out of which you are doing readings, then you should decorate appropriately. The props surrounding a tarot reading will never be as vital as the reading itself. Still, it would probably be helpful for you to set the scene by burning some essential oi. Additionally, you can dress up in the way that you feel is most appropriate.

    Consider Including Animals

    If you have a cat or a dog, you might consider having them in the room if they are well behaved. The energy released during a tarot reading often seems to attract animals. Having them there can be useful as a comforting force if you are delivering bad news through the cards.  

    If you are doing the reading somewhere like a festival or carnival, then the presentation is going to matter even more. After all, you are marketing a product of sorts, and the people are going to expect at least a few little flourishes. You might want to dress up in a festive or mystical outfit to convey the appearance of a soothsayer for which you are going. It might not be the most dignified, but it’s going to be what the masses want.   

    Are You Doing Readings for Profit or Not?

    You should look at whether or not you are charging people for your readings. You might be using your home, a storefront, or you might be doing a party or festival circuit. If you’re charging money, though, then you should take care of the image that you are presenting. When it’s an occasional reading for a friend or a relative, then sitting down in jeans and a tee-shirt would be fine. If you’re going to be getting paid and you’re charging top dollar, you’ll want to make more of a production out of things.

    The key to this is to walk a fine line between the theatrical and the absurd. If you want your customers to take you seriously, then wearing enormous costume jewelry and other flourishes isn’t how you’re going to cultivate that image. The tarot is not something that charlatans or shysters should consult or practice. Do try and use it with dignity and gravity. Encourage anyone for whom you are doing the reading to do the same, regardless of where you are or the exact nature of the circumstances.   

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