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    The Major Arcana Part Three

    Read & learn about the major arcana part three. You will discover 5 tarot cards and their meanings: Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance & The Devil.

    11.  Justice

    Description: Justice is usually depicted by the figure of a woman standing between two pillars. She is often with a veil behind her. She is wielding an upward pointing sword in her right hand, and a pair of scales in her left head. Her robes are traditionally red in color, and she wears a crown upon her head.

    Significance: Justice is all about balancing polarizing energies. There are many of these that we come across in everyday life. Such as the masculine vs the feminine, good vs bad, strength vs compassion etc.  It encourages a mixture of logic as well as intuition. As we can not hope to fully understand a situation until we are able to look at it from every angle. It also is a card that symbolizes its name. It is holding you and those around you to take responsibility for your actions and choices.

    Instantgo – Justice

    Meaning Upright: Justice tends to show up when we are at a time in our life where we’re being judged somehow on a karmic or spiritual level. It holds us accountable, and serves an embodiment of the Wiccan Rule of Three. It states that any energy put forth into the world returns to its sender with three-times the original force. Justice can appear when we’re at a crossroads, and need to make a serious decision. The best we can do is by attempting to look at the situation from every possible angle. By using both our head and heart before arriving at a conclusive choice. This card can also show up when you’re involved in some sort of legal dispute. If this sounds accurate, it is likely that things will go your way. Although you may need to reach a compromise first.

    Meaning Reversed:

    Simply put, Justice reversed shows the presence of injustice and dishonesty. It can signify a moral conflict within ourselves, especially if we have done something which goes against our personal convictions. It can signify the need for taking a serious look in the mirror and self-evaluating, as our own sense of right and wrong might be skewed. On the other hand, Justice reversed can also appear when we are experiencing some sort of injustice or are otherwise being treated unfairly by someone in an authoritative role. 

    12. The Hanged Man

    Description: The Hanged Man is almost always shown as a man hanging from a tree by one foot. While this image might initially seem alarming, the expression on his face is peaceful rather than frightening or scared. He often has coins falling out of his pockets as well.

    Significance: In many ways, the Hanged Man can be likened to the Nordic God Odin. Just as he voluntarily hung from Yggdrasil, the Tree of Wisdom until he obtained knowledge of the Runes. It is all about sacrificing the material, outside world to seek one’s higher self or true calling. 

    Instantgo – The Hanged Man

    Meaning Upright: When the Hanged Man appears in a reading, it can signify a state of limbo, where you feel as though you are being torn between the everyday, practical world and a deep spiritual yearning. Likewise, it can show that there is some sort of major decision to be made, though you might be putting it off by procrastinating or simply preferring not to deal with change. Whenever we see the Hanged Man, things are in a state of suspension, for better or worse. While taking a short time out to consider your options is always a good idea, waiting too long to make a move can result in stagnation and monotony. If you find that your plans come suddenly crashing to a halt, don’t be discouraged. Instead take the time of quiet to think about what you can improve upon.

    Meaning Reversed:

    The reversed Hanged Man often shows one of two things. It can either indicate that you are committing yourself to unrealistic expectations and keeping yourself so busy that you will inevitably burn out, or on the other side of the spectrum, it can show an extreme fear of change that causes you to remain in one spot, perhaps even to your own detriment.

    If you identify with the first meaning, it is critical that you take a time out, even if it is very temporary. You need to allow yourself the time to rest your mind and body if you can hope to have the stamina to fulfill your dreams. If you feel as though the latter interpretation applies to you, it is time to proverbially shake yourself awake. Although change can indeed be nerve-wracking, progressing from one stage of life to another is necessary for living the best life possible. 

    13. Death

    Description: Death is depicted in various card decks as a skeleton wearing a robe, the figure that is often referred to as the Grim Reaper. He hides his behind his cloak, and carries a sharp scythe. This is the tool that is used for instigating the final stage in any life cycle. While his appearance may seem intimidating or even outright scary, he often wears a smile upon his face, reminding us that he is not an evil villain, but rather a friend that greets us at the end of a cycle.

    Significance: Oftentimes when we think of Death, we think of it on a literal level. The truth is that Death very rarely means an actual death, but rather the death of something figurative or symbolic. No, you don’t need to worry that you or someone close to you is going to die soon. Yes, you should be aware that everything in life moves in cycles, and that there is an important cycle that is near its end.

    While this might initially seem intimidating at best, keep in mind that death is a necessary component of re-birth. That which we might initially see as a loss or tragedy can show itself to be a part of the master plan in time. If you feel as though you are losing something important to you, take heart in the knowledge that you will very likely understand the reason behind that loss soon.

    Instantgo – Death

    Meaning Upright: Whenever Death appears in a reading, we must embrace ourselves for some sort of life altering change. This is not always a bad thing though. While it does mean that big things are occurring, these events can just as easily be positive as negative. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to embrace the changes that are happening in your life right now rather than resisting them, as you will likely count this period in your life as the catalyst to a blessing once the initial shock is over. 

    Meaning Reversed:

    Death reversed almost always shows an overly stubborn resistance to change. You might be so comfortable and/or set in your ways that any disruption is initially seen as bad, yet many times in our lives, change on this level occurs because we need a proverbial wake-up call. You can’t hope to stay in the same place forever, no matter how comfortable you may be. This card shows a need to get yourself out of a rut and seek out new experiences and/or mindsets. 

    14. Temperance 

    Description: Temperance is shown as an angel that pours liquid from a gold cup to a silver one. The angel is shown with androgynous features, oftentimes with a robe that has a triangle boarded by a square on the chest, which illustrates the card’s connection to the earth element.

    Significance: Temperance, like Justice also represents balance, yet this balance of energy is on a lower-key, personal level rather than the larger scale. It signifies stability and steadfastness, as well as an ability to balance the opposite energies in life. Temperance also means self-restraint, and not allowing one’s hedonistic or impulsive side to run rampant.

    Instantgo – Temperance

    Meaning Upright: Temperance usually shows a need for cultivating patience, tolerance and moderation. You cannot expect everyone to think the same way as you. It is therefore important that you try your best to not be overly harsh to others. Likewise, this card can show up when you are stubbornly refusing to see an extremely valid point that pertains to a recent argument. Sometimes, it can show an overly carefree attitude. It can also show a need to reign yourself in a bit in terms of pleasure-seeking. If you are more on the reclusive side, you might want to consider going out with friends. Otherwise trying to let loose, as play is just as important as work.

    Meaning Reversed:

    Reversed Temperance usually signifies frustration and a sense of being up against the entire world. Things may consistently go wrong or become overly complicated, and our inner frustration is at a high level. This is a good time to look inward and ask ourselves what aspects of ourselves and our lives might be out of balance. Reversed Temperance can also show a tendency towards overindulgence. Therefore, be very careful of overspending or buying things you can’t afford.

    15. The Devil

    Description: The Devil is indeed shown as a man with horns and cloven hooves. A man from the waist up and goat from the waist down. This description has far less to do with the actual Christian figure of Lucifer or the Devil. But rather as depiction of many different figures throughout mythology, such as Pan or Cernunnos, that were given both divine attributes alone with their horns. He has two human figures chained loosely beside him, showing the actual weakness of human-imposed bonds on themselves.

    Significance: The Devil does not represent evil or anything bad when it shows up in a reading. Instead, it serves as an embodiment of the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves. We are often taught through our upbringing and society in general to suppress some of our more hedonistic or instinctual urges. However, the Devil is the embodiment of pleasure-seeking and living for the moment.

    Instantgo – The Devil

    Meaning Upright: This is a card that signifies a need for getting into touch with one’s darker side. While you might be afraid of what would happen if you listened to your darkest thoughts and attempted to understand the shadow side of your personality; it is necessary for growth and happiness. Once we embrace the darkest parts of ourselves, we are able to focus upon the light in a way that was not possible before. The Devil is also strongly connected with sexuality, so you might find that your libido is particularly strong.

    Meaning Reversed:

    The Devil reversed usually serves as a sign that you are your own worst enemy. While it is very likely that there is a wealth of potential present, the constant need for escapism and retreating into the comfort of your vices is hindering your progress. On another note, it can signify sexual issues or a lack of intimate activity.  

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