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Using the Tarot to Contact Departed Spirits

There is plenty of contention as to what happens when we die. Many religions weigh in on the subject, but the reality is that we’ll never know if there is an afterlife until we cross over. However, there seems to be abundant anecdotal evidence which suggests that some part of our essence continues. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use the tarot to contact departed spirits. We’ll issue some words of warning as well.

The Basic Idea of What You’re Trying to Accomplish

When you use tarot cards to try and contact the dead, the idea is that you’re attempting to receive a message from the afterlife or the ethereal plane. Before you begin, you can state aloud that you are trying to reach a specific spirit. That might be a loved one who has passed on, or it might be a historical figure. If the spirit has any message to give you, expect to receive it through the position of the cards.

The Proper Mindset

Some people try to use things like tarot cards or ouija boards to contact the spirits frivolously. We strongly urge you to avoid doing that. Maybe you believe in this sort of thing, or perhaps you don’t, but that is beside the point.

You should always treat the dead with reverence. You have no way of knowing what has happened to them, but you’d like to think they are at rest after a full and eventful life. Because of that, you are, in essence, disturbing them from their slumber. You should not detain them for long, and never for the sake of amusement.

Some Precautions Beforehand

Before you invoke a departed spirit through the tarot, you should state aloud what the ground rules are going to be. By making a definite pronouncement of your intentions, you will put the spirit you are invoking on notice that they not to try anything underhanded or harmful with you.

Mention four things: first, the spirit is not to enter your mind. Second, their power over you only extends to their ability to guide your hand to the right cards. Third, you have the power to end the session whenever you see fit. Fourth, dictate precisely how you wish them to communicate.

The Spirit is Not Permitted to Enter Your Mind

Departed spirits can be tricky or even devilish. This edict prevents the spirits from sending you psychic messages while the channel opened by the tarot is acting as a conduit between your two worlds. It’s helpful to have a protective stone or charm on you while you are attempting this sort of communication.

The Spirit May Guide Your Hand

This rule refers to your letting the spirit guide your hand to the cards that will convey its message. It’s vital to state that this is the only power the spirit may exert over you. In other words, it may guide your hand, but it may not enter your body to try and do you harm.

You Have the Power to End the Session

Some spirits of the dead are quite powerful, and once you have opened a channel with them, they feel that they can exert their influence over you. Don’t let them. State explicitly that you can end the session and close the door to their world whenever you like if things are getting too intense for you.

Tell the Spirit How to Communicate with You

This fourth rule indicates the spirit of how you wish them to clear up any ambiguity. It’s helpful to have a lit candle nearby. If you’re not confident of what the cards are saying, you can ask the spirit to communicate through the candle. Ask a yes or no question and see if the flame flickers.

Proceed with Caution

We urge again that you only use the tarot to contact the departed if you have a legitimate reason for doing so. Death is the essence of all that human beings don’t understand. It is larger than ourselves, a doorway to an uncertain destination. Someday it will touch each of us, but till that time we should respect its ultimate power. If you use the tarot to draw back the curtain, then exercise all the proper precautions. Be ready for a potentially profound and life-changing experience.

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