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Where are the Best Locations to do a Tarot Reading?

If you have started to become interested in doing tarot readings, then you might be wondering about the best place to do them. For instance, would you prefer to do them in an indoor location or outside? Is there any special symbolism in doing them out in nature? Are there rooms of a house that are better suited for readings? Let’s examine the pros and cons of some potential locations.

Do You Intend to do Tarot Readings as an Occupation?

Probably the first thing that you’re going to need to ask yourself is what your intentions are as it relates to the readings. If you are doing them for friends and family and not for profit, then you’ll have more freedom as far as locations are concerned. If you’re opening a shop, though, it’s going to have to be in an area that people can easily access. You’re likely going to need a storefront that is in a place where other commerce is going on. Just be sure you can afford the rent if you want to go that route.

The other option if you’re going to be operating a for-profit tarot reading operation is for you to do it out of your home. In that scenario, you need to be sure that your house or apartment is readily accessible. Therefore, that part of it can be set up as a business. In some areas, there are laws and regulations having to do with conducting business in your home. Therefore, be sure to do your research, so you don’t get yourself in trouble with any authorities.

What About the Benefits of Inside vs. Outside?

There is nothing that says that doing a reading inside is better than doing one outdoors or vice versa. There are some people, though, who feel more comfortable and centered doing a reading out in nature. If you have a covered patio or a deck in your backyard, then that might be ideal. As long as the elements are not a factor, then you should be fine. If you’re in an unprotected spot, then you might have to deal with things like mosquitoes or errant gusts of wind.

If you are doing a reading inside, then you have the advantage of being able to control the environment so that it’s precisely to your liking. You can decorate the room the way that you like. You can set up the lighting so that it sets the mood perfectly. You can even burn some essential oil or candles. All of these things are a bit more difficult to control when you’re outside.

Some Other Options

There are some other options you can think about if you intend on doing readings for profit. You can do tarot parties if such a thing exists in your area. You don’t have total control over where you’re doing your readings in that case because you’re going to a client’s home. However, you don’t know quite what the atmosphere is going to be like when you get there, so you will have to make do.


You can also do readings somewhere like a cafe. However, this is not usually ideal, but some people make it work. You’re meeting a client on neutral ground, so if it’s someone you have never seen before, then this might be a way to go. You should probably get the permission of the proprietor, though. Overall, if you’re doing a reading for profit in their establishment, then you’re obligated to tell them about it.  

Festivals and Fairs

There are also places like fairs or festivals. Some of these might be easier to get into than others, depending on how strict their regulations are. You might need to give a cut of your earnings to whoever put the event together if you decide to pursue this option.

Whether you choose to do your readings inside or outside, in your home or a storefront, safety should be your primary concern. Overall, if you are doing readings in your home, be sure that someone else is there with you; if you have never met the client before. Just as with anyone you contact on the internet, you need to exercise caution if you’re going to be meeting with them in private.

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