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A Financial Component To Time

A financial component to time

Time is one the most important resources we have. The concept of time is complex, personal and subjective. We all know that we have a finite amount of time.

The scarcity of time

This scarcity has an important effect on our behavior and who we are. As we grow older, we become more conscious of it. We set priorities, decide to focus on what matters and get rid of most elements which don’t fit in our schedule. We are busy human beings. If our time was infinite, most of us would approach life differently.

Scarcity is a reality of life


This reality is one of the reasons which pushed us to create Instantgo. The company creates software that allows people to get compensated for the time they spend helping others over the phone. We believe that adding a financial component to time changes behaviors. People which were unreachable are suddenly willing to make time. We are leveling the playing field and providing access to other’s people time and knowledge.

Instango lets people get compensated for their time helping others

Opening access

Our modern society displays strong social differences. Access to specific networks or other kind of knowledge is too often restricted to particular communities and socio-demographic factors. Excepted for family, friendships and other philanthropic efforts, people usually make time only when a reward can be obtained. Time is money.

Providing an access to all

As we proceed with the development of Instantgo, we will see to which extent a financial component triggers new behaviors and how this fundamentally changes the way people make time for each other.

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