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A New Way To Be Connected Over The Phone

Since the beginning of the telephone, we are used to call people using their phone numbers. If you have someone phone number, you can reach them and if you don’t, you are usually out of luck. The digital age has been changing this ancient paradigm. We can now connect through social media and interact with people without the need to have their phone numbers. Still, that communication is often indirect as you need to reach out or send a request to someone to then be connected to them. You can’t call directly or immediately someone at first. This existing process usually takes a while.

The Go username

Instantgo is changing this concept by offering its users a way to reach others over the phone directly without having to go through the hassle of waiting to get connected to them. Simply search for the person you want to speak with, check if they are available and then initiate a connection to directly talk to them. The process is lean, fast and reliable. If someone wants to talk to you, you will immediately know it and be put in relation.

Decide at all time when to be connected

The Go username plays a key part into this. It lets people talk to each other over the phone without the need to ever share their personal phone numbers. People can keep their numbers for their family & friends and make sure that the rest of the people who wants to reach them have an easy way to do it. It also allows for a better control of someone’s privacy and make sure people don’t call others in the middle of the night. Users on Instantgo control when and how they want to be contacted.

As soon as you register on Instantgo, you will be invited to create a username for yourself. This will be the only information needed for others to contact you from now on. You can easily switch on and off your availability so people know when to reach you. You will also get a chance to see the profile of the person trying to reach you before accepting or declining (depending on the level of privacy attached to their profile).

The Go username is the starting point of every communications on Instantgo. Choose one of your liking which can easily be shared and remembered. It’s the new way of being reached and get compensated at the same time.

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