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A Real-Time Market For Knowledge

We all have specific expertise in life. Those are often acquired through our education, our jobs or simply our life experiences. As human beings, we develop new skills and learnings as we evolve. Some of these learnings are voluntary while others are brought to us by many of the unique and personal stories we face over time.

Sharing time & knowledge

Our education and these experiences create a pool of knowledge that can be shared. As individuals, we often seek to access this knowledge by connecting to others. One of the main issues of that process is that it requires time. Time is scarce and people are not always capable to give their time to others. So the question remains to understand how can we create an effective environment for people to share their precious knowledge and expertise?

To answer this question we first need to lay several realities of human behavior. First, our time is limited and as individuals living in a capitalistic world, we often seek to exchange our time against something. Second, we often have a subjective idea of what we are worth, even if that personal judgment can be objectively erroneous. Third, given the right conditions, we are often happy to share what we know to help others.

As human beings, we display a number of common behaviours


This thinking lead us to create Instantgo. The company offers a unique way to share ones knowledge with others and get compensated for the unique wisdom or expertise they have.

By adding a financial component to time, we incentivize individuals to offer their time. Instantgo lets people easily exchange this essential resource against a clear and defined reward. Users can freely decide how much their time is worth and attach a value to it. Much like we pay a business consultant for their guidance, Instantgo lets anyone get paid to offer their help in their field of expertise. Users on the receiving end, can then decide if they are willing to pay that asking price or search for another provider on the platform.

The Instantgo iOS App

The Instantgo iOS App

Those features create a more transparent market to the value of knowledge. People can easily compare between different professionals and find the best knowledge to price ratio. It also lets those in need of a particular expertise and information receive it in a timely manner as users get rated for their services and thus become more responsive. It also offers the incentive for those who share advice to take their time and make sure that their help is relevant and useful to a particular situation. In a way, Instantgo democratizes and helps measure the quality of someone capacity to offer guidance by adding a real-time market to knowledge. It also create the conditions for people to happily share that expertise and provide access to information which was not always available before. Now, you can contact and access a large number of people that simply were unreachable before.

We seek particular people for specific information

Getting paid for information

The Instantgo app lets users easily create a profile where they can describe their expertise and skills and decide by themselves how much their time is worth. It simply replicates the “lawyer model” which charges per unit of time to all other professional categories that can provide a service or advice over the phone. Users are both experts and seekers of information as we constantly switch between these two states in our daily lives. The platform manages all payments so the idea of getting paid for what you know is clear at the onset between parties. The idea that on top of that, people can search, find and connect with others instantaneously makes the model dynamic and in real-time.

Getting access to timely and useful information is key

Evolving the model further

As we continue the development of the company, we will pursue new ways to make the sharing of expertise even more efficient and intelligent over time. As connectors of knowledge, we also continuously learn from our users’ interactions to refine our model and make Instantgo an increasingly viable knowledge and expertise sharing marketplace in the future.

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