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Better Professional Categories

A new version of the Instantgo iOS app (1.12) is now available on the App store. We have supercharged the categories in order to help you easily find available professionals.

Expertise by category

The categories are now dynamic and will appear on your screen. Depending on the number of professionals that are currently available on the platform in a particular category, you will be able to access these categories. You will simply need to click on a category name to instantly get connected with a professional recommended to you.

Find people to get connected with based on their expertise

Skip within a category

Because we understand that you might want to choose another professional than the one which was initially proposed to you, we have also made it easier to skip between professionals in each category.

Instantgo lets you always decide if you want to get connected with someone you already know to help you with what you need or find someone randomly based on their expertise. You can easily access the different categories to get recommendations for who you should connect for your specific needs.

Refined search function

You can always use the search function to look for specialities within a category. For example, if you are looking for the help of a software developer, you can search for “PHP” within the search to find someone who has that particular expertise.

Looking for a sushi chef to talk to? You can do that with Instantgo in a matter of seconds

The same goes for a Chef. It’s highly likely that you might want to talk with someone whose has a particular cooking skill such as nigiri sushi rather than something else. Instantgo lets you find precisely who you need in a matter of seconds and this new updated version make it easier to get that service.

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