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Charging For Time By The Second

Instantgo’s compensation model is principally based on time. More precisely, our model is based on the exact number of seconds users spend talking to other users and providing their expertise.

Time is a key attribute of our communication platform. Too often, we pay experts and other professionals a pre-set amount of money for their services instead of paying for a specific performance and for the real amount of time spent on a specific activity. If something you need takes 10 minutes, why pay someone for an entire hour to get similar results?

The Parkinson’s law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. In other words, if you give someone a week to do something, they will probably take a week to complete that task. If you were to give that same person 3 days to complete the same task, there is a high likelihood that the task will be completed with the same level of quality in that timeframe. Shortening the time available to get a task done often lead to less procrastination.

By introducing a model where people pay each other by the time they spend collaborating together, we ensure that people will go straight to the point. Every second has a cost and no one wants to be charged uselessly.

Charging by the second helps people go straight to the point

Instantgo automatically tracks the precise amount of time spent by two or more parties on the platform and makes sure the right amount of money is charged and paid to the different users. The system makes sure payment will be properly executed and that users won’t need to chase their counterparts to get paid. You can also easily decide on the platform how much your time is worth and share your expertise easily with others.

You can get started here now. Feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions you might have about Instantgo.

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