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A Guide To Answer Recommendations With The Instantgo AI Bot

Welcome your new best friend.

What did you imagine when you thought about the future as a kid? Maybe flying cars? Talking robots? Well, the future is here! A unique system created by Instantgo leverages an artificial intelligence (AI) system to make a robot talk! And this is not any robot, it’s a robot that you can customize to your liking so it can answer for you. Whenever you use the Instantgo app, you’re provided with the opportunity to saves your responses to questions in order to spit them back whenever it is needed. It is like autocorrect but with fully answered questions! How amazing is that?

Too busy but want to let other people or your customers know that you care? This artificial intelligence botis the perfect way to show this. How may you ask? Simple! You can instantly train your bot to have specific answers to particular questions. You can then go back to your busy life. However, what would you do if you don’t know what to answer a specific question? No problem, we have you covered! If someone has received the same question and saved it to their bot, it is now available for all to see as a recommended answer if they receive that same question.

The Instantgo system knows how to recommend you answers.

How can I use this in my daily life?

This feature is perfect for users and professionals with busy schedules who might take longer to answer simple questions to their clients when they have already done so in the past. It allows the conversation to flow and get to the core of the question until the professional is finally available to respond to the main part of the question. It’s like a giant funnel that allows for people to become more productive and focus on where their time and knowledge is valuable.

You can train your assistant directly from your chat conversations.

What’s so significant about this feature?

People have lots and lots of things on their minds constantly, sometimes it is hard to sit down to respond and give a well-rounded answer. Maybe you are busy with other things or are simply overwhelmed by the number of demands you receive each day. This new technology can help dealing with those scenarios immediately.

Additional benefits of having a virtual personal assistant:

Many times we get asked questions we don’t necessarily have complete answers for. We might know part of an answer or only a specific point of view on a topic. With the AI feature on Instantgo, you are also provided with suggested answers that might have never came into your mind on its own. You have access to the world’s creativity as well as the minds of other individuals who may have similar professional backgrounds as you. This can help you create more compelling and relevant answers to others.

Automated answers appear in your chat normally.

How does it work technically?

Anytime someone from the Instantgo community decides to save an answer to their personal assistant and make that response available to all, your personal assistant can then use that answer if it matches the question you are receiving. The more people add their answers to their personal assistant, the more answers are made available to the rest of the community in the future.

How do I begin?

To activate this feature, you might want to start training your Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant. You can enable it by simply going onto your profile, clicking on the settings wheel, and clicking on “artificial intelligence.” Once you have done so, you can click on “Train” at the top right corner of the screen. You will then continue to add questions and answers that you wish. However, this isn’t required for recommended answers to be activated. It is automatically enabled if you receive a message that was already publicly sent by someone else in the Instantgo app.

If you receive a recommendation that someone has already saved a specific answer to the platform, you will receive a popup automatically when entering the chat with that individual who has sent that text. If there are no suggested answers, no worries! You can always be the first one to add to the suggested answers.

Whenever you have a particular answer to a question saved onto your artificial intelligence bot, then you will get a popup of the response that you have saved for yourself. When you click on the text within this popup, you are able to edit the text. Once you have changed the text, you will be asked if you would like to save the text for the future. You can then select “save and send.” This new answer will now be added to your bot for the future. This will keep training your bot for the future!

Make sure to download the latest version of the Instantgo app to have access to all the available features today.

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