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How To Avoid Unproductive Discussions

We often realize after accomplishing something how we could have done it better. If we had a crystal ball and see what would be the best course of action, we would often reduce the amount of time taken to achieve our goals.

Collaborating and discussing with others are an important part of moving forward on a project. We find ourselves in meetings or in talks with others. While those interactions can be pleasant, they can also be big time wasters.The business literature is full of tricks and how-to-guides on how to be more productive and time efficient. Still, it’s often hard to follow or put in place some of these recommendations. We all waste time one way or the other and that’s a reality.

Discussions and meetings are often a big time waster

One the biggest issues with time is that if we don’t account it for correctly,we let it slip. The current models and our working environment often makes it’s hard to attach a precise data on unproductive time. We simply don’t account for it properly.

In order to change those unproductive time, we need to put ourselves in a model where time really matters. A model in which we get a precise number and attach a consequence to unproductive behaviours. And this model is the one we use at Instantgo. We had a financial component to any interactions we have in a professional settings. Instantgo accounts and understands the value of time by letting users of our platform decide what is their time’s worth and offering them a communication tool to account for it correctly. The same happens when you talk to your lawyers as they charged you based on the time spent with them. You are usually much more aware of time and conscious of making it productive as you know your lawyer’s time is precious. It has a value and a cost.

Getting to better outcomes more rapidly

By offering any users and professionals the ability to account for their time, Instantgo also ensures that people will be more conscious about the productivity of their interactions. The financial component changes behaviors. Conversations are more focused and go straight to the point. A modern way to reduce unnecessary and unproductive discussions.

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