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    Introducing Our Supercharged VoIP

    We have just released a new version of our iPhone app (1.13) and website that brings additional layers to the functionalities of our platform.

    First, you can now make and receive phone calls directly from your browser. That’s pretty awesome. It lets you call another user directly on their smartphone from your computer. The other way works as well: you can now use your smartphone to place a phone call to someone on a computer. Wherever you are (phone or computer), the system works seamlessly.

    To make this magic happens, we have integrated a VoIP technology throughout our platform and mobile app (1.13). It makes the experience and communication better, more secure and easier to control for users. Thanks to that integration, we are also going to be able to add other useful features to the Instantgo platform in the near future. We can’t wait to share them with you.

    Last but not least, we are also releasing Instantgo in Spain as we continue to gradually expand the number of people that can use our system. A large part of the team resides in Spain and we can’t be more happy to make the whole platform available in that country.

    ¡Que viva España! Instantgo is now available in Spain

    We hope you’ll enjoy this new version which is immediately available in the App store. Take a look at our new website as placing and receiving calls there is quite practical.

    As always, we also made a lot of improvements behind the scenes and look forward to receiving your feedback and comments here.

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    Open your phone camera and scan now.

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