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Making Global Expertise Available In An Instant

When we look for help, we most of the time search and find people locally. It is easier to get a recommendation from a friend or colleague than to search for someone who could provide us with a specific kind of expertise on the other side of the world. Even when we search for it by ourselves, we often tend to find people who are not too far away from where we are. Distance is still a hurdle when we want to get to meet and know someone. Our modern communication technologies don’t solve perfectly that problem yet as we feel more comfortable with someone next door. Trying to find people across the world can be a daunting and time consuming process.

The issue with that behaviour is that the knowledge we can find next door might not always be the best suited for our particular situation. We can find many experts in our vicinity but this doesn’t guarantee that we are receiving the best advice. Knowledge has become easily accessible but is still disseminated to specific centers and individuals. With so many different sources available online today, it can be hard to get to the best answer without a massive analysis. And finding the right answer is never guaranteed. Will it apply to your precise need? Someone who wants to produce a movie will certainly get better recommendations from a good Hollywood producer than a random producer in their town or reading answers from questionable forums. The same applies to many other industries where specific places are the epicenter of a particular community (think Silicon Valley & tech, fashion & Paris, etc..). Finding the best experts mean looking for someone there.

The value of knowledge is rapidly increasing

Knowledge is also increasingly important in our society. Most jobs are gradually shifting to a knowledge economy where it plays a central role. Not only do we need to have knowledge to remain productive at work, we also need to get access to the right kind of knowledge to remain competitive.The quality of that knowledge is key when taking decisions. Doing the right things vs. only the things right can have a profound and lasting impact on anything we try to do. Armed with the best recommendations, we can evolve faster and go further with our projects. The right knowledge saves us invaluable time and money down the road.

Knowledge is excessively accessible today. But how hard is to find the right answer?

The birth of a knowledge platform

Instantgo was created with all these questions in mind. We offer a platform where users and experts around the world can easily connect and share their knowledge and in which speed is an essential ingredient. Because you can find the exact help you need immediately, you don’t waste time trying to get connected with the right expert even if she leaves on a different continent. You cut to the chase. You can immediately connect and get the right piece of information for your specific situation over the phone. No need for a long chain of emails to get introduced or schedule a time. The system lets you see the reputation and expertise of a particular person. It also makes it easier and provide recommendations to find the right individual if you don’t know who you should contact.

By offering a global platform where people can call and talk to each other wherever they are, easily trade their expertise, Instantgo opens the knowledge economy to more individuals. We provide the tools for getting access to the best expertise available globally. And this, with a simple tap of a button from your phone or computer.

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