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Monetize Yourself — The Ultimate Guide To Get More Clients on Instantgo

We are sharing here with you best practices that our most successful experts use to get clients on Instantgo and monetize their time and expertise. It is an evolving list of steps you should do if you want to be successful on the app.

We see that professionals who continuously invest time to create a great profile and make efforts to bring users to the platform will often do better than others. Variables such as current social reach, following, existing clientele and other factors enter in consideration to forecast success as well.

You can start offering your services and monetize yourself as soon as you have downloaded the Instantgo app and registered. There is nothing else you need to do to start earning money. Below is a quick video about getting started:

Now let’s move to several critical steps you should do to get more clientson the platform:

1. Share your unique URL link and profile page

This is probably the easiest and most straightforward way to add more visibility to your profile. On Instantgo, each user has its own unique URL.You can find it by going to your profile, clicking on the settings wheel and then you will find your unique URL that you can copy by simply pressing on it. The users who get the most clients usually share their link on their Facebook profile or page, add it to the bio link of their Instagram and Twitter account and post it each time they publish a new video on YouTube. The idea is to always share it everytime you create and post content so more and more people can click on it and be brought to your profile.

-> Pro Tip: make sure to use your full address as https://www.instantgo.com/xxx and not www.instantgo.com/xxx to make sure your link is clickable on all platforms.

You can find more help about finding your unique URL link here and watch a quick video about it below:

Monetize Yourself

2. Add an Instantgo button to your website

If like many users, you have your own website or blog, you can easily use our button generator tool to create yourself a button that links to your profile.The only thing you need is your username and to decide if you prefer a simple image that you can link to your profile or want to download a code to insert it on your page. Start creating your own Instantgo button here.

You can also watch a video about creating your own Instantgo button below:

-> Pro Tip: if you have a website, write a blog where you include your Instantgo link. Share with us your post so we could reshare it.

3. Make your profile as complete as possible

The more information you add to your profile, the easier it will be for users to find you when searching for someone on Instantgo. Having a complete profile is important as well as it will help you rank higher in the rankings of your category. Add a profile and cover picture, take the time to add your expertise skills, offer a complete bio, add your languages, education and more. You want users to know what you can offer to increase your chances of getting new clients on the app.

-> Pro Tip: adding your Get Paid information in your Settings will also help you rank higher as it is part of your overall score.

Find below a quick video about editing and adding information to your profile:

4. Create services and products as an additional way for users to get help and to create larger transactions

On Instantgo, users can contact you instantly. Importantly enough, you can also create packages of services (example: 2 hours of a specific session) as well as sharing products you offer. Creating products and services is simple. Simply visit your profile, click on the edit profile button and scroll down to products & services. You can add as many products and services as you like. This is the best way to create longer and stronger relationships with users. We strongly recommend you to create different products or services on your profile and add clear title, a nice picture and a well-written description. You can find more information on services here.

-> Pro Tip: When you create a service, you can also select a video from your phone. This is a great way to show what you are offering in a more personalized and enticing way.

5. Add pictures and videos to your profile

Another great way to make your profile stand out and create trust with usersis to add pictures and videos to your profile. You can add pictures, videos and even search for YouTube videos if you have a channel. Every time you post a new media or service in the app, your followers will be able to see it in their discover and newsfeed tab. This is a great way to stay connected with your contact and make sure you share what you are doing with your expertise.

To get started with this, you simply need to edit your profile and go to the media section. You can find a quick video about that below.

-> Pro Tip: You can record up to 100mb per video or around 10 minutes on an iPhone so it’s easy to make a quick video of introduction of yourself and what you can offer to the community of users.

6. Set your availability and time with the smart schedule functionality

It’s very important for users to know when they can expect to receive an answer from you. On Instantgo, you can set your schedule and availability automatically. Simply visit your profile and go to your settings. Select the schedule option and set the times and days of the week when you are available. You can aslo set your availability off for a while when you are in holidays so users know when you will be back. The information you set in your schedule is automatically and magically updated on your profile. Click here to find more about the schedule functionality.

7. Get a maximum amount of ratings

Everytime you finalize a conversation, you can get reviewed by a user. Ratings are one of the most important metrics to succeed on the platform. Users pay close attention to them and the more ratings you have, the higher you will rank on the platform. You can see the number of ratings and your average rating score on your profile page.

The rating scale on Instantgo

> Pro Tip: Start getting some initial ratings from your existing clients as you bring them on the platform by actively sharing your Instantgo profile.

8. Response time is essential

We see that users who answer faster tend to perform better on the platform. This is because your average response time appears on your profile page and that most users want to have answers rapidly.

-> Pro Tip: remember that as long as you didn’t answer a message, the clock start ticking on the response time. It can represent a loss of revenue and a missed opportunity to get additional ratings. These users will also most often not reach out again. Hence, you will lose repeat business.

9. Create a YouTube channel

We have seen that users who have a nice YouTube channel or Facebook page tend to perform better than others. This is because they can easily share their Instantgo profile with their audience. A YouTube page is also a powerful tool that is useful to have for many professional categories. And it’s free!

-> Pro Tip: if you do have a YouTube channel, make sure to add your Instantgo link on the first sentence of your description so it is easily discoverable by users as well as add a description of that link so they know what they can expect by clicking on it. We also recommend to mention your Instantgo URL at the beginning of new videos as most viewers today tend to watch on their mobile devices so they don’t see the descriptions of your videos.

You can watch here a quick video of introduction to Instantgo posted on our very own YouTube page:

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page here to get the latest news, features and tips.

10. Get verified

Getting verified let’s you get a little blue check mark next to your name. This enhances your profile and also helps you rank higher in your category. We don’t verify users easily and we often want to see quite a few transactions on the platform. Here is a guide on how to get verified.

An example of the blue verification check mark

-> Pro Tip: verification is a nice to have but not essential to succeed on the app at the beginning. Many of the users who generate a lot of communications on the app are not verified.

11. Share your post and tag us so we can reshare your content

We have a lot of users who like to create nice blog posts, videos or even traditional Facebook posts to share their profile and explain what they do. Be sure to tag us so we can find your content and have a chance to reshare it. We have also created a campaign called #teachsomething so you can easily share great video content with us. We are happy and grateful to have hundreds of users creating incredible videos to explain and promote their Instantgo account. You can read more about it here:

12. Offer an exceptional service

This is obviously the most important step as you want to provide an excellent experience for them to recommend you and become repeat clients. Word of mouth is important to create your client base.

-> Pro Tips Having phone discussion on top of conversations over text can create a stronger relationship and improve the quality of your service. You can always suggest a call in a text exchange.

13. Use our marketing materials

We have created a page where you can download many of the design elements we use to easily create nice content around your Instantgo profile. You can find the page to download some of this content here or below.

As always, we are happy to provide you additional help and answer any of your questions to better monetize yourself. You can use our Help Desk at all time for the most frequent questions. We try to always keep it updated with the latest features.

You can also decide to send an email if you have a specific question which is not answered.

It is important for us to state that the list above is not exhaustive nor a magic recipe for success. It’s a guide to help you succeed on the app. Make sure to always download the latest version of the app to have access to all the latest features.

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