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A Brief Introduction to the Aquarius Personality

If you are dating an Aquarius or if one of your friends or family members falls under this sign, then you might want to learn a little about the Aquarius personality. Aquarius is an air sign, along with Libra and Gemini. The most common character traits of the air signs are that they are clever, objective, and analytical. Above all, they’re also often reserved with their feelings.

The Planet Uranus

The planet Uranus rules the Aquarius personality. It governs the unconventional and the unexpected. For instance, it’s not uncommon to think about someone you know who is an Aquarian when words like change or disruption come into your mind. To put it as politely as possible, the Aquarius personality does not always play well with others.

Famous Aquarians

Fort instance, when you consider some of the famous Aquarians throughout history, you start to get a better idea of what the sign is all about. Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius, as is Ellen DeGeneres. Shakira is one as well. Charles Darwin was an Aquarius. While it might puzzle you trying to figure out how Darwin is like Oprah, the answer is easier than you think. Darwin had a contrarian streak and didn’t like others telling him that he was wrong. He was intent on proving himself. Oprah is similar. You could say the same for the other names as well

The Aquarian is Assertive

The Aquarius personality type is not one that is willing to go with the flow. Aquarians make up their mind about issues and then they are very reluctant to deviate from that way of thinking. Persuading them with just your charm isn’t going to do the job. If you want to change their mind about something you’re going to have to come at them with some data-driven facts. Sometimes even that won’t be enough.

Aquarians are Analytical

Above all, the Aquarius personality is also one that lives mostly inside their heads. They might seem detached. An Aquarius might not cry at a loved one’s funeral. It’s not that they don’t feel sad. It’s more that they can withdraw from their own emotions and isolate them. This can make people born under this sign feel cold or distant. If one of your parents is an Aquarius, then it’s not likely they showed a lot of love on you when you were a child.

They’re Original and Sometimes Eccentric

It’s not unusual for an Aquarian to get into the teaching profession. This is due to the fats that they like teaching others about the way that they view the world. An Aquarian loves getting up in front of people and lecturing. Therefore, they might deviate from the approved curriculum to put their spin on things, though. Often you’ll see Aquarians make choices about their appearance that might seem bizarre to the rest of us. Weird hair and clothing are par for the course with this sign.

A Sense of Fairness

For instance, some Aquarians will also get into the law enforcement profession. They may wish to become trial lawyers or judges. Therefore, they have an innate sense of fairness. They like the thought of putting things right in the world. An Aquarian won’t involve themselves in the pursuit of things that they perceive as petty. Other career choices for them might include environmental conservation, political action, or charity work.   

They’re Fiercely Independent

The Aquarius personality comes with a broad independent streak. In some cases, they’ll choose to remain single if they don’t feel like there’s a good match for them available. You won’t find many Aquarians using dating apps. For instance, they’re happier being alone with the certainty of their convictions to sustain them. You’re not likely to get an Aquarian to compromise their morals under any circumstances.

Dating an Aquarius

For instance, if you know an Aquarius and they play a significant role in your life, then you should understand that they’re not likely to be warm and cuddly with you. That can be fine in the case of a casual friend. Overall, if you’re pursuing this person romantically, though, then you should guard your feelings closely.

If you’re an Aquarian yourself, then you’ll never have to worry about making your way in the world. Your convictions give you a wellspring of strength. Just try to take it easy on the rest of us who aren’t always so sure of ourselves.

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