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    Everything You Might Care to Know About Air Signs

    Are you dating an Air sign, or are you one yourself? You might be curious about what these signs have in common, and what some of their distinguishing traits are. Let’s dive in and talk about what Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius bring to the world.

    What do the Air Signs Have in Common?

    The Air signs are all very sociable. Any of these three would rather engage in conversation than spend time alone. They define themselves through others. They learn about their beliefs when they can engage with those who are different from themselves. 

    Each of these signs knows how to keep a cool head. They aren’t the sort who will fly off the handle when life throws them a curveball. They’re excellent communicators. If you’re dating an Air sign, you’ll be glad to know that they always come right out and say what they want. You’ll never have to guess.

    Gemini: There to Teach Those Around Them

    Geminis often get into the teaching profession because they love academic settings. They are curious and talkative. They’re smart, and they rely on a vast knowledge base to educate those around them. 

    Just because they’re academics, though, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor. On the contrary: Gemini loves to laugh. That is because they often see the irony and satirical humor in day-to-day events. 

    Gemini is the information-gatherer of the signs. They frequently know about obscure subjects. Gemini is the one in your friend group likely to have the nickname “The Professor.”

    Libra Might be Your Best Friend

    You’re not likely to ever find a better friend than a Libra. This is the sign of the peacemaker, as they always act from a place of fairness. Libras often go into government or diplomacy jobs. That is because they can see both sides of any argument. This is the sign that makes a good hostage negotiator. The law enforcement profession often attracts them. 

    Relationships are vital for this sign. Without them, they might feel lost or unsure of themselves. If you befriend a Libra, then you’re getting someone on your side who will always give you sound advice. Their cooperative nature is their best asset.

    Aquarius: Out to Change Their Surroundings for the Better

    Aquarius is the person you know who gets proactive when they see inequities in the world. They are generous and philanthropic. Their social consciousness leads them to volunteer a lot or start up charities themselves. They often think about others before themselves. 

    They also enjoy bringing people together. Aquarius might be the party planner of your friend circle. Aquarians love social media for the opportunities at connectedness it affords. They thrive on social interaction. The busier their lives are, the happier they will feel. When dating an Aquarius, know that you’ll have to share them with a vast network of friends and family.

    What do Air Signs Value Most?

    Although there are distinct differences between these three signs, there are some similarities of which you should be aware. They all strive to find truth in their lives. Robbed of that quest, they will feel bereft of purpose.

    If you’re possessive, they will always rebel against that. They hate to feel confined. In relationships, they’re going to need their space. If it’s meant to be, they’ll respond better when you let them come to you, rather than you aggressively pursuing them.

    Leave these signs free to discover things and interact with the world rather than keeping them away from it. If you try to monopolize their time, they will become cold and distant. Air signs need space to question, learn, read, and grow.

    Do You Want an Air Sign for a Friend or Partner?

    If you want to captivate any of these signs, stimulate them intellectually. Talk to them about books and ideas. Ask them questions about their belief structure and the way they see their surroundings. 

    Once they understand that you’re genuinely curious about their life structure, they will open up to you. Don’t ever try to impose a belief system on one of these signs. Instead, talk about your passions and see if the two of you can coexist either as friends or partners.

    Air signs are learners and thinkers. As long as that describes you as well, you should get along fine with any of these three.   

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