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    Who Is The Cancer?

    As we move deeper into Cancer season (June 21-July 22), you may begin to feel yourself getting attached to the idea of things like comfort, stability, and eternal love. You’ll have moments when you take a look around at the people in your life and feel truly lucky and happy to be where you are. Whereas Gemini and Leo emit the splashy, adventurous energy of the summer months, Cancers reach for depth and sensitivity within a season that is often regarded as recreational.

    So as you feel these waves of emotion wash over you, you may ask yourself: who is the Cancer? Cancers are the soft homebody of the zodiac who gravitates towards the things that make them feel fulfilled in the long term. They are dreamy, sensitive water signs that have a tendency to build treacherous moats around their castle, where they can hole up for weeks on end. Cancer are ruled by the maternal and instinctive moon, typically following their heart and emotions rather than strict rationale. They are represented by the crab, prone to moodiness, lashing out, and retreating towards solitude. They are a cardinal sign, filled with genuine enthusiasm and a strong sense of what matters to them.

    Cancer and Career

    Cancer’s are typically givers, and they do well in jobs in which they are taking care of people and exercising their nurturing tendencies. No matter what they’re doing, Cancers need to feel a sense of comfort, and their workspace is not different. They will thrive in work environments that encourage genuine, lasting relationships between coworkers and allow them to personalize their space. Overall, working from home is also a great option for the quintessential Cancer. It allows them to prioritize their family and other things that make them feel stable and fulfilled.

    Even the most ambitious Cancers have a tendency to stick inside their comfort zone, pulling their close friends inside rather than allowing them to show what’s out there. The crab intuitively knows when to retreat into their shell and when the coast is clear, and so does the common Cancer, yet they don’t always act on it. Cancers should resist the urge to be shy, humble, or lazy in moments of great opportunity. Cancers shouldn’t just listen to their gut—they should ask it for directions.

    Cancer and Emotions

    At their best, Cancers are strong, giving, maternal, empathetic water signs. At their worst, they’re the crybaby of the zodiac. Most Cancers need to work extra hard to maintain control of their emotions when they’re at risk of going to extremes. Like all water signs, they are so in tune with human emotions that emotional manipulation often becomes their first line of defense—often without them even knowing.

    Though Cancers can be emotional rollercoasters, they are typically built upon a strong, sturdy foundation. They fervently protect and care for their loved ones and seek intimacy with a few rather than friendliness than many. Overall, they are less intense on the surface than their Pisces and Scorpio cousins. However, you better believe it’s not hard to break into that more sensitive layer.

    Loving a Cancer

    If you find yourself falling in love with a Cancer, it won’t be long until you start to feel like their able to read your mind. They are extremely intuitive and will take your safety and happiness as their burden, so you’ll need to find a balance of humoring their maternal instincts and encouraging them to take a step back and care for their own self.

    Cancers can be tough to navigate when it comes to conflict, so if you feel an argument coming to an extreme head, the last thing you’ll want to do is lash out. This water sign will have a tendency to take productive arguments to an emotional place, and you want to make sure you’re not adding fuel to that fire. Stay cool, calm, collected and make sure you give them time to say what they need to say. If your Cancer is feeling particularly obstinate, moody, or territorial (trust us, it’ll happen), the best thing you can do is provide a really good listening ear with some intimate one-on-one time that allows them to get some stuff off their chest and get some perspective on the great, important things in their life.

    Cancer and other signs

    Cancers typically pair really well with earth signs and other water signs, but no matter who they’re dating, they will give and expect a lot. They are constantly seeking stability and comfort, so if you can’t provide that as a partner, you’ll need to be upfront and honest about it from the beginning. Depending on their Mars and Moon, you may be just what they’re looking for, but Cancers need explicit communication. If you’re looking for a nurturing partner that will see the world in you, you’ll likely find solace in a Cancer.

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