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Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

Capricorns and Pisces are a classic duo. Water and earth signs typically always do well together, as they are typically both more thoughtful and internal signs but have enough differences so that it doesn’t feel like you’re dating the same person. There is something about the Capricorn-Pisces combo that makes for a functional, balanced relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, though—there will be some bumps in the road and moments of adversity. The key is to see these moments as an opportunity for growth and admire the other person for their differences, rather than in spite of them.

Love At First Sight

The Capricorn and Pisces are likely to foster a connection immediately, not shying away from the more serious and intimate topics that it takes many duos quite some time to get comfortable talking about. The potential for a close relationship is likely to become apparent in their first meeting, and they may walk away from their first coffee date with a bit of a sore throat from all that chatting!

Depending on the rest of their charts, these two are likely to be rather introverted and reserved people who value their close relationships over being universally liked. Such a positive initial engagement will be unusual for both of them, as they are prone to judging people before they even meet them. An immediate positive interaction is only possible if these two let their guards down.

Speed Bumps

When these two signs fall for someone, they fall hard. THe beginning of this relationship is likely to be intense, gathering speed and snowballing out of control. The faster you move, the more jarring those speed bumps are gonna be, so make sure you pump the brakes every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with moving quickly if that’s what feels right, but healthy relationships aren’t wide open freeways. They are more often winding roads that require attention to detail and respect for the journey. Make sure you are prepared to love one another with the same earnest when you hit bumps in the road as you are when things are easy.

Organized Chaos

Capricorns love order and having control over themselves and their environment, whereas Pisces are able to put up with whirlwinds with a little more poise and reduced anxiety. Pisces are Mutable signs, meaning they are highly flexible but can be a little unfocused, which is frustrating for the Cardinal Capricorn who values discipline and accomplishment. Pisceans often see variety as the spice of life, which is a valuable lesson that most Capricorns can benefit from learning.

The Piscean’s tendency to float from project to project and function in physical, emotional, and spiritual clutter can come across as chaotic and messy to the functional and tidy Cap. While the Capricorn should definitely learn to cut their partner some slack, the Pisces will need to be considerate of the Capricorn’s need for clarity and cleanliness. Tidying up the kitchen or coming up with a concrete plan for Friday date night can go a long way in showing the Capricorn that you care about their needs.

Cruel to Be Kind

Capricorns are known for being tough and hard, often being able to dispute, provoke, or criticize without much of a challenge. They like to be in control, and can take it too far by being overly critical, blunt, or harsh. Sensitive Pisces will not hesitate in letting their partner know when they’ve hurt their feelings, whether through actions or words. Capricorns do not need to relinquish their trademark honesty, but should practice thinking about how the things they do and say can have adverse effects on people, especially those that love them.

Fairytale Endings

Though they may deal with some incompatible living habits, unintentionally hurt feelings, and general growing pains, the Capricorn-Pisces pair is meant to last as long as the two focus on clear and considerate communication. They will have differences, but they will be able to work through them with intimate and honest conversations, the willingness to make changes, and, of course, true love.

This is something the Pisces will need to keep in mind, in particular, as they are guilty of expecting every moment to be perfect and shying away from adversity. Relationships don’t have a lot of room for laziness, as you have to fight through challenging times. The Pisces will need to relinquish their desire for the fairytale ending and make room for the imperfect reality of love. A lasting relationship that requires a little bit of work and grit is much more rewarding anyway.

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