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Which of the Signs are the Most Generous?

Many people say that generosity is one of the best qualities that you can have. It is a behavior that some individuals have to learn. But are there astrological signs that naturally tend to have generous spirits? That does seem to be the case. Let’s look at what those signs are right now.


If Cancer is your sign, then you’ll often want to give back to the world. There are plenty of individuals who won’t think twice about walking by someone begging for change. A Cancer will always feel inclined to give. They will even do so if it is detrimental to them.

The reason for this is doubtless because of how empathetic this sign is. They don’t turn a blind eye to the suffering of the world. That is why they seem to get along so well with animals as well as wanting to contribute to charities. Their heart goes out to any other creature that they see is in dire need.


Geminis are notorious givers as well. Cancer is more prone to giving on a whim. Gemini, though, might be the one to start a charity. They could form an organization that supports animal rights causes or environmental ones. They will always back the political candidates that they feel are most likely to help those in need.

You will often see Geminis contributing their time as well as their money to what they feel are worthy causes. This is a fine quality to have, as they often inspire others to do the same. If you are friends with a Gemini, then you might find yourself swayed by their actions to think differently. The next time you have a chance to give back, you might do so, encouraged by thoughts of your acquaintance.


Aquarius signs are usually devoted, humanitarians. They find causes that they want to champion and they’ll be quick to tell you about them. If you look at their social media feeds, they are likely to be full of empowering memes. This sign won’t just talk about being charitable, though. They will dedicate their time and resources to changing the parts of society where they notice injustice.

Aquarians won’t feel satisfied until the people around them are helping out as well. They’ll organize fundraisers or walks that spread awareness of diseases. They believe strongly in the unity of all living things. Because of that, they are just as likely to get on board with nature-saving efforts as ones geared toward human aid.


Pisces is another notoriously unselfish sign. Even if someone might not necessarily be worthy of help, if they ask a Pisces for it, they are likely to get it. This sign is uber-talented. They’re inclined to want to use their gifts to help those less fortunate. In charitable efforts, they might volunteer to paint a mural to revitalize a dilapidated rec center or high school building. If their gift is music, they might perform for kids with cancer.

A Pisces is someone who won’t let setbacks in their personal life keep them from giving. Even if they’re laid off, that probably won’t prevent them from helping out in the community however they can. Initiating change and confronting wrongdoing is what drives this sign.


The final sign that is generous and will go out of their way to help others is Virgo. They usually like fixing things. They’ll tackle a broken world just as readily as they will a damaged appliance. They often want to be mentors or Big Brothers or Sisters for disadvantaged youth.

Virgos feel best when they can pass on what they’ve learned. That is why they often make such excellent teachers. They won’t let anyone feel left out of their classes. They will take time to meet with the slower learners after school. Virgos also make the best athletic coaches. They always feel they’ve done well when their students succeed.   

Even if you don’t happen to be one of these signs, you can still prioritize giving back. While it comes naturally for some, it can be a learned behavior for others. Often, if you feel empty or unfulfilled in your life, it is because you’re not being charitable. Start giving your money or time to a cause about which you feel passionate. You’ll soon begin to sense that you’re making a positive impact.

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