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    The Hunter’s Moon and Your Sign

    The Hunter’s Moon succeeds the Harvest Moon and traditionally symbolizes that it’s time to hunt and prepare for winter. As a full moon that occurs in either October or November, depending on when the Harvest moon falls, the Hunter’s moon indicates that we are officially in the throes of fall. Today, you probably have other ways to confirm it’s pumpkin spice season and isn’t too concerned about whether it’s hunting season, but that Hunter’s moon can still have a significant effect on your astrological posture. 

    This year’s moon is especially unique not only because it’s in Aries, but also because it appears full from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning, so even though the actual event happens on Sunday night. Pretty much every sign will be feeling a little more confident and daring in their own way throughout the week. Here’s a guide to how to harness the Hunter’s Moon’s energy this week and dive into fall.


    This moon beaming down through your sign will make you feel like stepping into the spotlight. Now is your moment to take the mic and be unapologetically ambitious. 


    Having you been wishy-washy about a decision lately? Now is the time to wipe that indecisive energy away and take control. You’ve had plenty of time to think. Now it’s time to take action.


    You love to make friends, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping your distance from people that you may feel a little skeptical about. If there’s someone or something that makes you feel a little icky, go with your gut and don’t feel guilty about maintaining boundaries. 


    This full moon will have a particular effect on your career sector, so it’s time to focus up. Your leadership skills are urging to get out there and show everyone what you’ve got, so don’t be afraid to step up this week.


    This full moon is a fiery one, and you need a little heat in your life right now. Start something you’ve been putting off for the last few months. The energy is there you just need to harness it!


    The focus this week is on your partnerships—professional and personal. You’ve got a craving for intimacy, which, if you’re not careful, can spiral into desperation. You’ve got a surge of confidence and feel like taking a few risks. Just don’t fall into old habits. 


    Everyone knows how much you love balance, but things have been so crazy lately that you’ve been feeling your scale tip pretty far to one side. Take a deep breath and grab control of the things you can. 


    Have you been feeling like your life is a whirlwind these days? Take a deep breath and focus—your health depends on it. When you get wrapped up in other people’s crap you don’t have enough time to care for yourself.


    Feeling overwhelmed with emotions is not a sign of weakness. If you don’t have time to address something your feeling, that’s okay, but you can’t run away forever. Take some time to figure out what’s going on and take control of your headspace. 


    It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back. Your ambition, passion, and leadership have been on their A-game lately and you’ve been killing it! That kind of energy isn’t sustainable forever, so take some time to reset before you burn out.


    Now is the time to resolve any conflicts you have.  You can still be your confident and self-assured self, just try to lay off the combative edge a bit. You don’t have to completely dissolve your differences to get along.


    You spend an awful lot of time worrying. How much time do you devote to living in the moment? Bad things are gonna happen, but so are a lot of really good things! This week, try to roll with the punches and focus on the positive.

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