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Leo Pisces Compatibility

The internal Pisces paired with the outward can create some obvious challenges, thought the physical attraction will likely be innate. When it comes to these two, their differing priorities and needs will require the two to be diligent about supporting the other through emotions and experiences that they may not quite understand.

Playing With Fire

Water signs have a tendency to be attracted to fiery energy. The sexy, confident attitude of the fire sign creates ideal energy for the introspective, whimsical, and fantastical Pisces, who often want an elaborate love to sweep them off their feet. Pisces are rather stubborn when it comes to their emotions, so it may take them some time to take off their rose-colored glasses and see people they’re infatuated with for who they are and if they’re really right for each other. The Pisces should be super conscious of getting tangled in the idea of the enigmatic Leo, and Leo should be careful not to let the Piscean’s intense fascination overfeed the egomaniac in them.

Swimming Upstream

These two will likely communicate through conflict and express emotions in very different ways, so it’s a good idea to know each other’s Mercury and Moon as well as their sun. In times of conflict, many Leos have a tendency to put up a shield and shut the other person out rather than trying to empathize and comfort. Pisces, on the other hand, fall deep into a pit of their own turmoil and frustration and can lose all sight of rationality for a bit. Conflict is a necessary part of every relationship, but an argument can turn unproductive for these two rather quickly. Both will need to know when to step away and reevaluate before devolving an honest conversation into a screaming match.

The Good and the Bad

As with all relationships, communication will be key, and an honest, productive argument every once in a while will help the Pisces get their heavy emotions off their chest. This will also remind the Leo that they aren’t the center of the universe and need to consider their partner’s feelings in tandem with their own. Pisces are very aware of the fact that pain is a part of life and something you sometimes have to indulge in, while Leos are more of the camp that pushes the bad stuff aside to make room for more party. These two can teach each other a lot about the value of conflict and how to compartmentalize, respectively, but they will need to be open to each other and prioritize communication.

Weigh Anchor

Leos like to take risks and have adventures, whereas Pisces tend to value comfort and consistency. Don’t get us wrong, a Pisces can usually hang with the party, but when it’s time to go home, it’s time to go home, and the Leo would often rather stay out for a few more hours. This is when empathizing with your partner’s priorities come in. The Leo may feel like the Pisces is weighing them down and keeping them from enjoying life to the fullest. The Pisces may feel like the Leo is not showing enough affection or commitment. Instead, the two will need to communicate about what they want out of their lives and social experiences and understand that they may differ in the realm.

Not all Leos are pure extroverts and not all Pisces are pure introverts, so it’s good to know what the other’s Rising and Jupiters are. The way you socialize outside of the relationship will affect how and when you spend your time with one another, so you want to set up a fair and communicative situation in which both sides are getting the love and energy they need and deserve.

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