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Which Signs of the Zodiac are the Most Rebellious?

Most teenagers go through a time when they rebel against their elders. It is a method of testing the waters. They want to see how far they can push the limits of the constructs that surround them. But are there specific signs of the zodiac that spend their entire lives rebelling against authority? There are certainly some that are prone to doing that. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Let’s find out which signs of the zodiac are the most rebellious.


The Sagittarius wants to rebel because they always think that they’re right. The role of leader appeals to them, but they would prefer to take it rather than having someone hand it to them. If you know a Sagittarius, then you may find them urging you to back them up. They might have a power play in mind at work or in a social situation. You could find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to pick a side when that occurs.

If you’re a Sagittarius yourself, then you should understand that there is nothing inherently wrong with your stubborn, rebellious streak. However, you may wish to be diplomatic and temper your actions at particular times. Even if you intend to take over, try to be strategic. If you decide to wrest control from an authority figure who you actually like, you may end up regretting the move later.


Libras fixate on being true to themselves. Because of that, they will often rebel against authority to prove a point. Usually, the point they are trying to prove is that nothing controls them, and they make their own decisions. If you are friends with a Libra, be on the lookout for this sort of behavior. If someone perceives you as standing alongside a Libra when they dig in their heels, you could end up being collateral damage.

As a Libra, your strength is in your ability to follow your own path. Still, you don’t want to damage your life in some way to show that you have principles. Sometimes you may need to apologize to someone or agree to disagree. It’s not a weakness when you must do that. It means that you’re growing and maturing as a person.


People consider Aquarius to be a rebellious sign as well. That is because they are planners. They always have some scheme in mind. They don’t like it when something or someone gets in their way. When that happens, they take it upon themselves to remove that obstacle. It doesn’t so much matter whether they are ignoring societal convention by doing so. They sometimes have little regard for the feelings of others as well.

If you’re an Aquarius, then you know that you have this rebellious or headstrong streak. You might even relish it a little. It’s best, though, to try and channel this aspect of your personality in ways that won’t make you an outcast. What is the point of achieving all of your ends if it comes at the cost of alienating everyone around you?


The final rebellious sign that is worth discussing is Aries. Aries simply doesn’t care about the rules. This sign wants everything to go their way. In a sense, that is what makes them predictable. If you are dating an Aries, for instance, or have one as a friend, you can be sure that they’re going to contradict you at every turn.

As an Aries, you need to be sure that this aspect of yourself does not become a weakness. If someone’s goal is to manipulate you, they may try reverse psychology. They expect you to go against them, thereby giving them what they wanted all along. Sometimes it’s better to try a little subterfuge to get what you want. If you desire something, advocate for the opposite. It’s not a strategy that anyone will ever expect.  

Regardless of which of these signs you are, remember that a little rebellion can be a healthy thing. Many people say that those who fall in line are never the ones who anyone notices or remembers. Like any personality trait your sign dictates, though, don’t let these tendencies control you.

Ultimately, you’re the one who’s in charge of your actions. Just because you have a particular proclivity, that does not mean that you are a slave to it.

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