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Who Is the Taurus?

The sun remains in patient Taurus’s sector until May 21st. We’re about two weeks in and have two and a half to go, so we compiled a guide to help you understand the basics regarding the sign so that you can celebrate your favorite Taureans with the beauty and attention they deserve.

Though Taureans possess the steadfast confidence and practical stability of its fellow earth signs, the sensual Taurus is much more likely to get wrapped up in earthly, material pleasures than the disciplined Capricorn or analytical Virgo. After all, Taurus rules the second house of material possessions and accumulated wealth.

The sun in taurus

Despite the affinity for wealth, a sun in Taurus does not usually mean the person is gaudy or a diva. Their possessions are rarely flashy or extravagant, as their love for the material is not so rooted in performance as it is in comfort and stability. They relish in beauty and anything that stimulates the senses, but this doesn’t cloud their innate sensibility or groundedness.

Taureans desire for comfort is immediately tied to their stubbornness. Their sign is fixed (as opposed to cardinal or mutable) and represented by a stubborn bull, so Taureans aren’t persuaded or changed easily. They gravitate towards things and people that they can rely on to be there in the end and tend to stay in one place for much of their lives, often drifting back to their hometowns.

Taurus and Career

Taurus’s aren’t necessarily hyper-ambitious, but they do take their work very seriously. They aren’t about climbing the ladder to get to the top so much as they are focused on making sure they are doing the job they have right. Additionally, they work hard and are patient when chaos occurs in the workplace, making them great managers and coworkers. They fall back on routine and respond positively to tangible, concrete rewards. Overall, they aren’t the type to make their job their life—it’s more about having a job that ensures a life of comfort and material pleasures. They typically do well in professions that require creativity but also provide structure.

Creativity and the Taurus

Taureans have a very specific type of individualism. They are extremely creative but do possess the grounded boundaries of an earth sign. Their art and projects are typically rooted in their most authentic personal emotions, as breakups and other conflicts will shake them to their core and bring out an unstoppably honest creative energy. Some emotive Taurean artists out there include Adele, Lucy Dacus, Tammy Wynette, and Stevie Wonder.

Loving a Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so love, sexuality, beauty, and creativity are almost always at the front of the Taurean’s mind. When they get into a relationship, they latch on pretty quickly, especially if they sense reliability and innate connection within that person. They turn to blinders and rose-colored glasses in relationships often, doing whatever it takes to make something work, even if it’s not the right person. They are very dependant on their partners and will feel at their peak when it’s just them and their other half. If you’re trying to woo a Taurus, the best thing you can do is show them that you are reliable and loyal. Taureans have a special affinity to Cancers and their fellow Earth signs, because of the grounded nature of these signs that make the bull feel safe. Still, a Taurus can form a deep connection with just about anyone as long as they provide adequate amounts of quality time and TLC. A Taurus can hang at a large social gathering if they need to, but to get to know their true s

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