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    Can Cancer and Virgo be Compatible?

    There are certain zodiac signs which generally seem to do well together. Others always seem destined to clash. That can be true when it comes to relationships, or in a professional setting. Two signs that often seem to seek each other out are Cancer and Virgo. If you are a Cancer and you have romantic feelings for a Virgo, or vice versa, there are some elements you should have in mind.

    Things May Start Slowly

    Cancers and Virgos aren’t insecure signs, especially if the individuals are older and more experienced. If these two have an interest in each other, they won’t go to great lengths to try and win the other person over. Instead of grand, romantic gestures, they are more likely to have a courtship based on mutual politeness and respect. The first date between them might seem tame by today’s standards.

    Both of these signs seek the stability of commitment. Because of this, the relationship can fail when they become physical too early. Therefore, if you’re in this pairing, it’s probably best if you hold back for a while rather than immediately jumping into bed together.

    Both of These are Sensitive Signs

    Both Cancer and Virgo are sensitive signs that feel things deeply. They don’t always like to show it, because they have tough exteriors, especially Cancer. The more you get to know them, though, the more you realize that they’re both highly empathetic.

    This is one of the reasons that they are potentially a suitable match. They may dance around each other for a while until each one is sure of their feelings. A Cancer in love will want to settle into a comfortable routine with their partner. A Virgo will want their potential partner to adhere to high standards of character.

    Their Devotion to Each Other Can Grow Over Time

    Cancers often respect and appreciate Virgos because Virgos are thoughtful and considerate. For instance, a Virgo will likely take the time to learn all about a Cancer and pick date ideas based on their interests.

    The Virgo may also show interest by trying to help the Cancer to organize their life better. The Cancer may find this sort of attention flattering unless it goes too far. The Virgo in the relationship should be careful not to overstep any boundaries. If the Cancer feels that the Virgo is trying to control them too much, they will likely retreat emotionally. Cancers need their independence, even when they are head-over-heels in love.

    They Can Come to Support Each Other

    Neither one of these signs will go for oversized romantic gestures. If they can find love, though, each can make the other a more well-rounded person. Alone, these signs tend to fret about things. As a unit, they can help each other to get out of their heads and not to stress the little petty annoyances.   

    What’s potentially wonderful about this pairing is that if a Cancer and a Virgo click, then they find that they can truly be themselves with each other. It might take years to reach this point. The longer this pairing is together, the more tests each one will pass in each others’ eyes. At last, they will come to a place of understanding. They can then reveal their most intimate secrets and feelings.

    This is Potentially an Excellent Pairing

    In short, this is a pairing that can work. Cancer and Virgo is by no means one of those legendary oil-and-water situations where an emotional blow-up seems inevitable. If you are one of those involved in this pairing, take this advice.

    Find comfort in your mutual appreciation of a set routine. Try to reassure one another on an emotional level rather than trying to solve problems analytically. You should be able to bond over a shared appreciation of travel. If you have children, then nurturing them can be a focal point of your lives that will bring you closer together. If you elect not to have children, then animals can fill a similar role for you.   

    Be wary of possible rough patches early on, though. Virgo often has a dark side. Cancer can be prone to depression. Learn to recognize these tendencies. Give each other space when you require it.

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