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    Should You Date Someone With The Same Sun Sign?

    As a Capricorn sun, I look back at my past relationships and am not surprised that I have typically gravitated towards other earth signs. They share a lot of the same values and traits, so the connection is usually instant and inevitable. But too many similarities can be a death sentence for a long term relationship, as their negative traits will likely be the things you don’t like about yourself, and it will be hard to challenge each other to grow and learn. Let’s look at the same sun signs and if they are compatible when dating.

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    So what does that mean for people with the same sun signs? When it comes to astrological compatibility, you’ve got to consider their moon, rising, and mercury signs in particular as well, as you’ll want to know if your internal selves, external selves, and communication habits, respectively, are compatible. Of course, non-astrological factors like your upbringings and past experiences will be influential in your behaviors, but knowing both of your full natal charts is always crucial to determining your strengths and weaknesses in different areas of life and what the best way to reconcile your differences is. Still, your sun sign is one of the main contributors to astrological compatibility, and while some sun signs are compatible with an exact match, others are not.

    Aries + Aries

    Aries can be hard to read, but if you date another Aries, you’ll finally have someone who gets your thought processes and emotional tendencies. Certain adversity in this relationship will come exist in times of conflict, as both individuals will be fiercely stubborn and unrelenting. This, paired with hot-headedness and short tempers, can cause arguments to escalate quickly and become unproductive.

    Taurus + Taurus

    A successful Taurus-on-Taurus relationship will largely rely on how compatible their mercury signs are, as they are both extremely stubborn and will need compatible ways of communicating and similar intellectual opinions to avoid and reconcile unnecessary conflict. If they can ensure compromises here and there, this relationship will be sensual and romantic, and these two will likely find comfort in each other.

    Gemini + Gemini

    This will be a really fun but challenging relationship. Luckily, Geminis are always up for a challenge as long as excitement and adventure is promised. The biggest challenge will be the lack of predictability, as Geminis can be rather erratic and irrational, especially in times of stress or conflict. Both partners will have to take turns being the voice of reason.

    Cancer + Cancer

    This is one of the more compatible same sun sign matchups, as the two will appreciate the stability and comfort the other provides. Cancers often tend to stay within their comfort zone, and without someone to push them towards growth and transformation, the relationship can turn stale and stagnant.

    Leo + Leo

    This can be a tough matchup, as one of the Leo’s defining qualities is that they love to be in the spotlight and are particularly good at sharing it. To make this relationship work, each partner will need to learn to take a step back and let the other shine.

    Virgo + Virgo

    It’ll be easy for a Virgo to get comfy with another Virgo, and since they are both so self-motivated and perfectionist, both partners will always be growing and changing, which keeps the relationship from getting stagnant. Virgos, however, are extremely practical and devoted, so they run the risk of staying in a relationship that’s not right simply because it’s convenient.

    Libra + Libra

    Another very compatible matchup, two Libras will make for a balanced and peaceful relationship. The two should be wary, however, of too much of a good thing. A complete lack of conflict or disagreement in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you’re right for each other—it may just mean you’re both stuffing your emotions and frustrations down deep inside. Both will need to step outside of their comfort zone and communicate about the not-so-pretty things in life for the most honest and real relationship.

    Scorpio + Scorpio

    Any relationship with a Scorpio will have moments of turbulence and drama, so a Scorpio+Scorpio pairing will be largely unpredictable. It will certainly be intimate and intense, and for some Scorpio matches this will be an extremely positive and validating thing while for others, it could bring out the worst in both individuals.

    Sagittarius + Sagittarius

    Another solid pairing, these two fire signs will love going on adventures together and staying up late looking at the stars and talking about the deeper things in life. Neither will likely specialize in commitment, however, so they’ll need to put a little extra work into trusting and showing each other that they’re in it for the long haul.

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    Capricorn + Capricorn

    While these two will share a lot of the same values, this relationship could easily end up being all work and no play. A Capricorn often needs someone who can show them that life isn’t that serious and finds accomplishment in providing stability for a more dreamy and emotional partner. To make it work, these two serious earth signs will need to be able to take a break every once in a while to explore and enjoy life.

    Aquarius + Aquarius

    These two will be able to have an awesome conversation instantly, but it will take some extra effort to create a deeper connection and intimacy, and Aquas are typically rather superficial and playful. It might take some time, but if these two can work to really know each other, inside and out, they can have an exciting but stable relationship.

    Pisces + Pisces

    A Pisces-on-Pisces relationship will feel like a dream at first. They’ll understand each others sensitivities and abstractions and will be able to adapt to each other rather easily. But Pisces often need someone in their life who can ground them, especially through times of hardship or conflict, so both will need to learn how to be the other’s stable and wise rock.

    At the end of the day, you should never decide whether or not to date someone based purely on the compatibility of your sun signs or even your full natal chart. Astrological compatibility is not a guide for whether or not you should create relationships with certain people, but rather how to best navigate conflict and create a level of maximum intimacy. If you like a person with the same sun sign, that comes as no surprise, as you share a lot of similar traits and values. You should totally go for it, just be aware of the tendencies of your matchup so you’re prepared to work through them.

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